The Next Presbytery Meeting…

The next Presbytery of Genesee Valley Meeting is Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The meeting is being held at Third Presbyterian Church
(4 Meigs Street, Rochester, NY  14607)

The next Stated meeting of the Presbytery is Tuesday, January 29th at Third Presbyterian Church (4 Meigs Street, Rochester, NY  14607).

Neighborhood 6 (Dansville, Brick Perry, Warsaw, Pike, Mt. Morris, Ossian, Sparta, Tuscarora, Groveland, Trinity Nunda) is invited to bring an EXTRA Elder Commissioner from EACH church in the neighborhood!  Please share this email with those EXTRA commissioners.

There are 3 pre-meeting opportunities, beginning at 2:30:

  • Presbytery Meeting Design  The purpose of Presbytery gatherings is to fulfill the mission of Presbytery, “Know Christ, Live Christ, Share Christ”, centered in the health, vitality and sustainability of congregations in gathered neighborhoods. During the Presbytery meeting, the Big Picture Team will bring forward recommendations to help us better achieve this purpose.  The new model, if approved, has the potential for the Presbytery to live more fully into its mission and ministry.  Through quarterly gatherings that are uniquely shaped to satisfy the responsibilities of the Presbytery, as well as, focusing on building up individual pastors and churches, (while enhancing their connections with one another), this model is designed to be a catalyst that sparks more healthy, vital and sustainable congregations and neighborhoods.  –led by members of the Big Picture Team


  • Intergenerational Ministry  With the help of a grant from our Presbytery’s “Healthier Congregations” team, Third Presbyterian Church’s educator, Becky D’Angelo-Veitch was able to participate in a coaching cohort on intergenerational ministry through “Vibrant Faith” as part of a sabbatical this past summer.  Join Becky prior to our January meeting for a presentation on the basics of intergenerational ministry as well as a time of sharing and conversation around this topic that seems to be at the forefront of ministry innovation these days.  Our time together will include conversation around not only the topic itself, but also recommended resources, ideas for implementation and sharing of participants’ own experiences.  –led by Beck D’angelo-Veitch (Third)
  • A Look at the Docketled by Rev. Amy Williams Fowler

On-site registration opens at 2:00pm and the regular stated meeting begins at 4:00pm.

A meal is available for $9.00.  All meals must be ordered and paid for by Tuesday, January 22nd.  (Pastors and Clerks, please make sure to share this email/news with anyone from your congregations that would like to attend).

Childcare is also available if requested by Tuesday, January 22.


Please click on the link below and register now! 

COMPLETE Mailed Docket -Jan29 20191


** Click and Print a copy of the Mailed & Taken Docket to bring to the meeting **

And starting new, attached is the TAKEN docket!  With so many using their tablets, smart phones and laptops at the meeting, we’ve decided to start sending out the Taken docket electronically as well.  With this meeting, we’ll also have the hard copies available on the pick-up table.  Over time, we hope to eliminate the need to print so many hard copies – saving trees, money, and expense!

Click on the link below to register:

** Deadline for Reserving/Purchasing a meal and Requesting Childcare is Tuesday, January 21, 2019.  Payment for meals must be made PRIOR to the meeting ** 

For more information regarding PGV Meetings, please refer to the Presbytery Meeting page

**In the event of a severe weather forecast which would make traveling hazardous, Presbytery Meetings and Presbytery-wide events may be cancelled and rescheduled for another date.  Read More:  Presbytery Meeting and Event Cancellation Policy

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