Pulpit Supply

PULPIT SUPPLY LIST – This is a protected list accessed by using a password or your own profile information (see questions under password window). If you are unable to access the list after trying both options, please contact communications@pbygenval.org or your church’s COM liaison to get the password.


Pulpit Supply Minister: a person called to be a pastoral preaching presence to a Presbytery of Genesee Valley congregation without a serving pastor

a) to provide short term pastoral support to the on-going ministry of the congregation
b) to provide short term pastoral support to the congregation in embodying the Six Great Ends of the Church
c) to provide a pastoral presence for Sanctuary worship
d) to respond as a pastoral communicator in support of the relationships in the Presbytery, envisioned as carrying out the mission of the church under the Word.

Guest Preacher: a visitor charged to deliver a message to a congregation and its pastoral leadership as a support to the established ministry relationships and vision of that particular church.


        • All Pulpit Supply Ministers are subject to the appropriate directives of the current Book of Order
        • It shall be understood by all parties to the Pulpit Supply List that the invitation to serve as a Pulpit Supply Minister is not a “back door” means of establishing a Temporary Supply relationship between the preacher and a congregation
        • Pulpit Supply Ministers may serve up to four (4) successive Sundays in a congregation after which, the Session must seek another Pulpit Supply Minister or consider a pastoral contract; after a two-week hiatus period has occurred, a former Pulpit Supply Minister can be invited back to the congregation, however, it is prudent to invite a Pulpit Supply Minister for one Sunday before issuing an invitation for multiple Sundays; this ensures that the Pulpit Supply Minister is a good match for your congregation and avoids future awkward situations
        • It shall be the responsibility of the Session to make particular arrangements for preaching and to satisfy itself as to the “fit” between the preacher and the congregation
        • The Committee on Ministry strongly recommends that the Session provide a minimum $125 honorarium to ordained clergy, elders, commissioned pastors, and seminary students, in addition to reimbursement for meal and travel expenses; churches are urged to pay more than the minimum, as they are financially able; the expectation that a check will be given to the supply pastor on the date served
        • The Committee on Ministry will review all names on the Presbytery’s Pulpit Supply List annually
        • All ministers on the current Pulpit Supply List meet the necessary education requirements