July 26, 2022 Presbytery Meeting

THEME: Healthy, Vital, Sustainable Congregations & Leaders

    • Pre Meeting (at 5 p.m.): Virtual Office for the Presbytery

Come discuss the Big Picture Team (BPT)’s recommendations that the Presbytery offices become fully virtual by the end of July 2024 and that staff will continue to work remotely until further notice. This is a forum for you to hear more about the rationale behind the motions and why it’s important to decide now two years in advance, and for you to bring any questions you may have. Representatives from the Trustees, Personnel (who brought the original motion to BPT), Big Picture Team, and Cheryl Battaglia, who would serve as Project Manager, will be present to address your questions.

    • Worship: led by Rev. Dr. SanDawna Gaulman Ashley, transitional leader of the Synod of the Northeast
    • Offering: for Restorative Actions, “an economic justice initiative providing a mechanism for organizations and individuals to examine assets, determine what portion of their wealth can be attributed to white supremacy, and to surrender that amount”


    • Advance registration is required for the STATED meeting