January 30, 2024 STATED Presbytery Meeting  |  6 P.M.  |  via ZOOM

THEME:  What is a Presbytery?  |  covenant community nurtured


    • Pre Meetings
        • Warsaw Dismissal: presentation by PGV members of the Discernment Team, Monday, January 29, 6:30 p.m. meeting link
          2024 Budget: conversation with BDOC chair Bob Mecredy and Treasurer Paul Bishop, Tuesday, January 30, 5 p.m. meeting link
    • Worship: Includes memorial tribute to elders and ministers of the Presbytery
    • Actions:
        • Approval of the 2024 budget
        • Dismissal of the United Church of Warsaw to the United Church of Christ
        • Update from the Presbytery Leader and Stated Clerk search committees
        • Reveal of the new Presbytery logo

REGISTER HEREAdvance registration is required for the STATED meeting

DOCKETavailable for review here

MINUTES DRAFT 10/24/23 STATED Meeting – available for review here

MINUTES DRAFT 11/28/23 SPECIAL Meeting – available for review here