Presbyterian Historical Society

The Presbyterian Historical Societywill happily take on deposit any of your congregation’s original records which are no longer frequently referred to. Session minutes and registers are of chief importance, but we gladly take in minutes of any councils of the church, such as deacons, trustees, women’s and youth groups. There is no charge for this service, and the records will be housed in an environmentally controlled archival storage area with specialized fire detection and security systems. The congregation retains ownership of the records held on deposit, and may request their return at any time with written authorization of the clerk of session. Routine inquiries, such as baptismal attestations, may be directed to our dedicated staff of professional archivists.

Susan Orr has offered to transport your items to the Historical Society in Philadelphia for you in August. Items must be properly boxed up and dropped off at the Presbytery office on August 6, 2018. The PHS will hold all your records free of charge.