Peacemaking Grant Highlights

The Peacemaking Grant is awarded to congregations, organizations, or individuals who are, in some way, working toward restorative justice and addressing oppression. These grants are intended to encourage members and congregations to become more involved in the wholeness and wellbeing, (Shalom) of their communities.


2023 Peacemaking Grants


2023 Witness Palestine Film Festival (WPFF), Penfield Presbyterian Church, $500

The film festival is held at The Little Theatre. The keynote speaker, Ahmad Abuznaid, executive director of United States Campaign for Palestinian Rights, is featured in a lecture one week before the festival at the Islamic Center of Rochester. There are six films that will open people’s minds and hearts regarding Palestine and maybe  take action. “WPFF uses the money to show, through the films, the stories of the Palestinian people who have lived under Israeli occupation for 75 years.” Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers they will be called the children of God.”

English Language Learning for Farm Workers, Albion First $500

This program realizes the importance of language education and the aspect of hospitality in providing a meal as learners come from their jobs.


Summer Day Program, Rural and Migrant Ministries $500

The Summer Day program is an ongoing ministry to support marginalized youth and adults.


Education for Women, Building Minds in South Sudan (BMISS) $500

Celebrating the education of women and the building of two schools for women and children, this grant underwrites education for two women in their second year of college.


Boroli Refugee Camp, Adjumani District, Uganda, Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) Murle Congregation,  $500

This year PCOSS is offering training in restorative/retributive justice, peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness in the Boroli Refugee Camp.



2022 Peacemaking Highlights


Building Minds in South Sudan


Peacemaking Grant funds help to underwrite college costs for two women.

Presbyterian Church of South Sudan-Merle, Uganda


Peacemaking Grant funds support training 30 women in the Rhino Refugee Camp in restorative/retributive justice, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness.