Cheryl Battaglia, Financial and Program Administrator

The Financial & Program Administrator’s blended position was created in June 2014. Cheryl’s primary role remains as the Financial Administrator, but now includes being support staff to the program committees of Presbytery, including Budget Development and Oversight, Clergy Care & Development, Congregational Development, Mission & Advocacy, Resource & Education, Stewardship Development & Interpretation, and Self-Development of People.

Cheryl’s responsibilities include keeping the Presbytery financial accounts in good order, providing financial reports as needed, acting as a resource for congregational financial officers, as well as assisting the Presbyter for Mission & Education and the Resource Center, maintaining the database and directory, and receiving registration forms and fees.

Cheryl has been with the Presbytery since May of 2013.

Full job description

 Cheryl lives in West Irondequoit with her husband, Mike, and their two children - Joseph and Michelina.  She very much enjoys spending time with family and friends.  In addition to working for Presbytery, she enjoys being with children, and feels blessed to be able to serve in the nursery at church.

To contact Cheryl, email:  [email protected]