Kathleen Coons, Acting Stated Clerk for Administration

Kathy began her role as Acting Stated Clerk for Administration on May 1, 2020. This part-time position was created as part of the short-term leadership transition team of the Presbytery. Her responsibilities include administrative work of the Stated Clerk including recording and reporting minutes of meetings of the Presbytery and certain committees, maintaining Presbytery records, and working closely with the Acting Presbytery Leader.

Kathy currently serves on the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery. She is a member of Gates Presbyterian Church and has been the Clerk of Session for 15 years. She also has served as elder and been a member of various committees and teams of the church. Prior to retirement, Kathy was employed for over 40 years as a paralegal in law firms and corporate legal departments.

Full job description

Kathy and her husband, Ed, live in Chili, N.Y.  

To contact Kathy, email: [email protected]