Neighborhood Mission Day

2018 Neighborhood Mission Day photos

Presbytery of Genesee Valley

Neighborhood Mission Day Planning Team

 May 29, 2018

 Dear Friends,

       Neighborhood Mission Day happened on April 28th involving five of our six Presbytery neighborhoods.  Although not every congregation was able to participate, we were extremely pleased with the number of volunteers and the mission work accomplished.  We thank neighborhoods for taking the lead in establishing mission work sites.  Here’s a summary:

      Neighborhood #1 (Harvest Neighborhood) – 10 volunteers went to Head Start in Medina for a day of painting, with plans to come back and do more this summer. 

     Neighborhood #2 (Riverside Neighbors) – 29 volunteers were at ROC Salt, for extensive yard work in the rain, and lots of indoor work as well, getting this new mission site ready for more church and community involvement.

     Neighborhood #3 (Country Neighbors) – 40 volunteers at the Crossroads House hospice and the YWCA in Batavia.  And now our Batavia church wants to do it again, this time a day of painting at Jackson School on June 9th.

     Neighborhood #4 (Valley Neighbors) – 12 volunteers worked on a community garden on the grounds of the Geneseo church, with produce to be donated to a community food distribution program housed at the church. 

     Neighborhood #5 – 30 volunteers appeared at Camp Whitman, 10 from Genesee Valley Presbytery and 20 from Geneva Presbytery, to do a ton of work getting the camp ready for a new season.

     Neighborhood #6 – the work site at Lagom Landing was cancelled for low registration, but we are certain we will back there in the future to support this valuable mission endeavor!

      The overall count is 121 volunteers for the day, a nice increase from the last time we had a mission day in 2016.

     Our sincere and grateful thanks to all of those who helped identify mission work sites, who publicized the day, who helped us arrange meals for volunteers, and who took lots of photos.  This was the first time, to our knowledge, that our Presbytery engaged neighborhoods as neighborhoods in neighborhoods.   If you have any feedback to share we would welcome it!  If you would like to help with the planning in 2019, please let us know!

      For your information, Neighborhood Mission Day will return on Saturday, April 27, 2019.  In the meantime, please be thinking about mission projects in your neighborhood, including projects involving work with some of our own churches.    

      Blessings and Peace,

       Nancy Simpson (Downtown) [email protected], Jim Renfrew (Byron) [email protected], Katie Styrt (Laurelton & Gates, but now moved on to Iowa), with invaluable staff assistance from Cheryl Battaglia and Susan Orr.