Presbytery E-News

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Submission Guidelines

Replaces weekly Infolink and bi-monthly Infopak

The Presbytery has begun publishing the Presbytery of the Genesee Valley E-News. This publication includes information formerly found in Infolink and Infopak, which will no longer be published.

The E-News includes additional information such as Reports from Presbytery meetings, Comings and Goings of Clergy in the Presbytery, and book reviews of new Resource Center acquisitions.

We encourage churches to send us information about upcoming events, help wanted, items wanted and items available to donate. The deadline for submission will be the first of every month.

E-News will be posted on the Presbytery website around the 10th of the month. Notifications will be distributed electronically via a link to the following notification list:

  • clergy,
  • commissioned lay pastors,
  • committee chairs,
  • clerks of sessions,
  • church offices,
  • newsletter editors, and
  • those currently on the Infopak notification list.

Additional requests may be placed on the notification list. Please contact Beth Weaver to be added to the notification list.

Please share in the Presbytery as broadly as possible. Here are some ways it might be shared:

  • Post the link in your church’s newsletter.
  • Copy selected articles for your church’s newsletter.
  • Forward it to your congregational e-mail list.
  • Print out copies as handouts.
  • Post it on your bulletin boards.
  • Encourage people to request that they be added to the notification list.

Guidelines for Submissions to the Presbytery of Genesee Valley E-News

Submissions are welcomed and encouraged. Items to be included must be relevant to:

  • a congregation within the Presbytery,
  • a Presbytery committee,
  • a special mission supported by the Presbytery,
  • or a Presbytery corporation.

We will also publish information about opportunities for clergy and lay people being offered by local, regional and national groups as appropriate.

Please follow these guidelines for submissions:

  • Electronic submission only to [email protected]
  • No more than 250 words (One double-spaced page with 1″ margins is 300 to 350 words.)
  • Documents in MS Word or .rtf  formats – no PDF, as it must be able to be manipulated/edited
  • Times New Roman 11 point type
  • Book titles in italics
  • Times formatted as am or pm; use noon instead of 12 pm
  • Pictures of events are welcome
  • Links are encouraged

We are looking in particular for information from churches, including:

  • Church Happenings—upcoming events and reports on past events
  • Help Wanted—Job openings in churches
  • Give and Take—Items needed by churches and ministries and items to be given away
  • Special stories that you think might be of interest to the Presbytery

The deadline for each issue is the first of the month; the publication date is the tenth of the month. All submissions are subject to gentle editing.