2022 Grant Applications

May 2022

Greetings in Christ, from the Grants Working Group of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.

Once again, we are excited to share prayer and financial resources to support the work of congregations as they seek to respond faithfully and creatively to today’s needs. This year we invite applications (see below) for the following grants:

  • The Congregational Vitality Grant is focused on congregations trying to live into something that is very new to them, and seeks to engage their church with a place, people, or ministry that they have never engaged before. Congregations are invited to dream new dreams, imagine new ways, and begin new initiatives that lead to the development, redevelopment, and renewal of congregational life.

New for 2022 the Congregational Vitality Grant may also be used for intentional coaching support for a Session. Up to three (3) church Sessions may be eligible to receive 12 coaching meetings with two certified coaches from our Synod’s Coaching Network.

  • The Collaborative Ministry Grant is intended to encourage intentional partnerships that serve the people of our local communities in Christ-like ways. God works through community and relationships, especially in challenging times. Thus, Collaborative Ministry Grants aim to promote ministry connections between PGV congregations or neighborhoods with one or more community agencies, faith communities, or other local entity. These grants are intended to support true partnerships between those working together on a common ministry for God.
  • The Peacemaking Grant is awarded to congregations, organizations, or individuals who are, in some way, working toward restorative justice and addressing These grants are intended to encourage members and congregations to become more involved in the wholeness and wellbeing, (Shalom) of their communities.

Funds for the grants are available through the generosity and commitment of our PGV congregations and are used for purposes of the kingdom. Please note that churches are not eligible for a new grant if they have not submitted the final report for a previous grant. We ask that you use the application form provided and answer each question thoroughly. We look  forward to applications and are happy to respond to questions or offer guidance about the process.

May the Spirit breathe new life into our ministries, and may we be a blessing to the world.

Spreading God’s Bounty,

The Grants Working Group



Congregational Vitality Grant
Collaborative Ministry Grant
Peacemaking Grant