Grants Working Group

The Healthier Congregations Team Grants Working Group (GWG) operates as one of the primary ways the Presbytery supports mission. As its name suggests, the GWG grants funds to congregations within the Presbytery and community agencies that have connections to Presbytery. These funds are granted in two ways: Transformational Grants and Peacemaking Grants.

Transformational Grants are awarded to congregations and community agencies for projects that promote positive change, are creative or innovative, and have a reasonable chance of success. Transformational Grant applications are due by May 1 of every year. The size of these grants varies from year to year.

Peacemaking Grants are awarded to congregations, organizations, or individuals who are, in some way, working toward restorative justice and addressing oppression. Peacemaking Grant applications are accepted at any time and are reviewed and awarded quarterly. The size of these grants is up to $500.

The GWG is excited and eager to support the work being done in the Presbytery that promotes and advances God’s mission in the world!