The Board of Trustees is responsible for property and investments of presbytery and those held in trust by congregations Meets 2nd Thursday 3pm @ Twelve Corners.


Membership: 9

The Trustees shall:

  • Record and maintain all capital assets of the Presbytery except for operating and budget accounts.
  • Receive requests for loans, grants, or other uses of capital assets of Presbytery for comment or recommendation prior to being submitted to Presbytery for action.
  • Consult with churches or agencies of the Presbytery on property, legal, and financial matters as requested by particular churches or as directed by Presbytery.
  • Recommend action to the Presbytery on requests from churches planning to make any contract for the purchase of property with or without encumbrances or conditions, or the enlargement, improvement, or extension of their properties in excess of 25% of the last year’s current receipts.
  • Recommend action to the Presbytery on requests from churches planning to sell, mortgage, or lease their properties.
  • Make recommendations to the Presbytery for loans from the Revolving Loan Fund and shall supervise repayments to the Fund.
  • Maintain the lease agreements and building maintenance concerns related to lease agreements for the Presbytery office.
  • Oversee the Master Insurance Program of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.
  • Maintain the relationship of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley to the Presbyterian Foundation of Genesee Valley, a corporation of the Presbytery.



Dave Hale

Rev. Ernest Krug, M.D.
(HR, Third)

Robert Ossont
(Mount Morris)


Rev. Louise Armstrong

Ron Hansen -Chair

Dale Whittington


Margaret Bailey
(Honeoye Falls)

Alan Durbin

Jane Pedersen

Ex-Officio Members

Presbytery Leader
Rev. Amy Williams Fowler

Presbytery Attorney
Barbara James

Bob Mecredy

Financial Administrator
Cheryl Battaglia


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