Self-Development of People

SDOP evaluates and approves proposals for funding of Self Development of People projects within the Presbytery of Genesee Valley.



Self Development of People Grants

sdopThe SDOP committee is now accepting grant applications.  Applications are accepted continuously. There is NO deadline.

Information, including grant applications is available below.  Questions about the grant program? Contact [email protected].

In 2017:

  • 45 projects in total received a Self-Development of People grant

13 were National/Domestic projects

27 were Mid Council SDOP Committee Projects

5 were International Projects

  • 41 Mid Councils had certified SDOP Committees
  • 31 Mid Councils had projects that were awarded SDOP grants including:

Baltimore; Charleston; Charlotte; Chicago; Detroit; Eastern Korean; Flint River; Florida; Genesee Valley; Greater Atlanta; Hudson River; James; Lake Michigan; Minnesota Valleys; Mission; New Hope; Northern Plains; Northern Waters; Pacific; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Providence; San Francisco; Sheppards & Lapsley; Southwest; South Alabama; South Louisiana; Tropical Florida; Synod of Lakes and Prairies; Synod of the Trinity; Western Reserve

Here (Self-Development of People 2017 Funded Projects (Final Copy 3 23 18) ) is a list of SDOP community partners (funded projects) across the US. Feel free to use it to interpret the work of SDOP’s ministry on SDOP Sunday and beyond.


Membership: Minimum 5

The committee shall evaluate and approve proposals for funding of Self-Development of People projects within the Presbytery of Genesee Valley in accordance with the criteria developed by the National Self Development Committee and the guidelines of the 182nd General Assembly (1979).

Although not required by the Book of Order, this committee’s make up and work is defined by the National Self Development of People committee and must be validated by the national committee. The committee shall be composed of nine members at least 75% of whom shall be members of the Presbyterian Church (USA). A majority of the members will be racial/ethnic minority persons.

Self-Development of People will be one way in which the Presbytery becomes a catalyst in the world.



Melanie Jones


Rev. Danny Peters

Rev. Tedd Pullano

Luis Ricardo Torres Rivera
(First Unitarian)


Barbara Turner
(Roman Catholic)

Ex-Officio Members

Presbyter for Healthier Congregations/Stated Clerk
Susan Orr


SDOP disburses nearly $90000

SDOP Grant Process


SDOP Grant Recipients-rev 3-2015