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Resources from 2018 Church Leadership Development Day

Race, Racism and the Cultural Divide (Elder Hezekiah Simmons):
Race, Racism, and Cultural Divide

Healthy, Vital and Sustainable Congregations – What Does It Take? (Rev. Amy Williams Fowler):
What does it take

Handling Conflict for the Health of Your Congregation (Rev. Roula Alkhouri): 
HANDLING CONFLICT FOR THE HEALTH OF YOUR CONGREGATION -February 10-2018 ; and  Presbytery+Adaptive+leadership+Anxiety+20161

Ministry of Clerks of Session (Elder Susan Orr):
By-laws and Manuals ,
Chicago-Session-Minutes-Cover-Sheet ,
Kansas Clerks Manual ,
Parliamentary Procedure Quiz – Answersdocx ,
samplemanualhelps , and
Serving as Clerk of Session

Touchstones of Reformed Theology (Rev. John Wilkinson):
wilkinson presbytery reformed theology 021118

Measuring Mission (Rev. Jim Evinger and Rev. Rod Frohman): 
draft 5 Case study FPC Batavia

Grant Writing for Congregations… You Mean There’s Money Available?!  (Rev. Lynette Sparks and Elder Karen Bolinger)
Grant-writing for Congregations – Presentation
Grants Resource List (1)
Nonprofit Works Grant Resources