Clerks of Session – Reading of Session Minutes

February 6, 2017

Dear Clerks of Session,

The time has come for the reading of the Session Minute books. It was decided to postpone the reading last fall to a future time and that time is now in March.  I have attached a schedule for reading that falls along the lines of the neighborhoods that I hope you find helpful.  I have also attached the checklist that was sent last fall with updated contact information.  Since Session minutes reading is not scheduled again until the fall of 2018, if you are able, please bring minutes through the end of 2016 with the completed checklist form.  I encourage you to attend your assigned day and time so that neighborhoods can get to know each other better.  If for some reason you are unable to attend your assigned day, you could send another member of the session in your place. Or if it can’t be helped, please choose another date and location.

We have been asked that if your session has adopted a Sexual Misconduct Policy at any time that you make a copy of that policy directly from the minute book and bring it with you so that it may be placed on file in the presbytery office.  The copy needs to include the page recording the session’s action adopting the policy, and the policy itself. This request is made on behalf of the Rev. Jim Evinger, who is the Committee on Ministry’s official consultant to the presbytery for issues related to Sexual Misconduct.   Make sure that the name of your congregation is on the policy.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  And if your congregation has adopted a separate Child/Youth Safety policy please bring a copy of that as well.

See you in March,


Bronwen Boswell,  Temporary Stated Clerk


Session Records Checklist 2016