Resource & Education

Sponsors training events for church and Presbytery leaders such as Church Leadership Development Day.  Supervises operation of the Presbytery’s Resource Center,  and Presbytery Youth Ministry. Meets 3rd Thursday 4:30pm @ the Presbytery Office.


Membership: 9 The Resource and Education Committee provides program and resource support for congregations and committees of the Presbytery in order to empower and enliven their ministries. The Committee will ensure Presbytery’s support for its congregations by developing leaders who will serve the congregations and beyond. The Committee will be responsible for:

  • Sponsoring programs and training events for church and Presbytery leaders
  • Facilitating the annual review of session minutes
  • Developing a Presbytery youth ministry in support of local congregations’ youth ministries.
  • Reviewing annually the use of the Committee’s funds from the Presbytery annual budget for the Resource Center and leadership development
  • The Committee will supervise the operation of the Presbytery’s Resource Center in order to support and encourage the mission and ministry of the congregations and committees in the Presbytery. The Committee will be responsible for:
  • Collecting, filing, and displaying a wide variety of materials, including a music library.
  • Encouraging borrowing by its visitors and offering them the services of personal assistance, research, guidance, and training events.



Cristina Kerekes

Craig Kunkle

Robin Sheppard


Karen Bolinger

Anne Gravenstede
(Honeoye Falls)

Karen Kingsbury


Matt Brooks

Nancy Simpson

Rev. Katie Syrt

Ex-Officio Member

Presbyter for Mission and Education
Susan Orr