Nominates members to presbytery standing committees, Council, commissioners to higher governing bodies as well as members to any committees or entities of those higher governing bodies. Meets the 2nd Tuesday 4:30pm @ the Presbytery office.

The Nominating Committee seeks your suggestions for presbytery committee positions.

All suggestions will be gratefully received and reviewed by the Nominating Committee. You may even suggest yourself for a position! Special consideration will be given for persons in churches with members not currently serving on committees, and for persons which may increase Presbytery’s diversity.

Send to Chair of Nominating Committee, c/o the Presbytery office. Please prayerfully consider God’s urgings for you or others to consider this call to leadership among colleagues in ministry.


Membership: 9

The Nominating Committee, as defined by the Book of Order (G-9.0801a), shall have a membership of one third clergy, one third laywomen, and one third laymen. The Council shall nominate the members of this committee to the Presbytery for election.

This committee will nominate members to the standing committees of the Presbytery. The Nominating Committee will nominate both committee representatives and members-at-large to the Council. Ministry Teams created by the standing committees or the Council of Presbytery will be recruited and appointed by the creating committee.

The committee will nominate all officers of the Presbytery including:

  • Moderator
  • Moderator-Elect
  • Chair of Council
  • Stated Clerk
  • Treasurer

Nominating Committee will nominate commissioners from the Presbytery to the higher governing bodies of the church as well as members to any committees or other entities of those higher governing bodies.



Rev. Dr. Val Fowler

Anne Martin


Rev. Jeff Falter

Roger Miller
(Trinity Emmanuel)


Rev. Bruce Boak

Rev. Jack Heister

Rev. Erin Jacobson

Nancy Sprenkle

Mike Thaine
(Barre Center)

Ex-Officio Members

Presbytery Leader
Rev. Amy Williams Fowler