Committee on Representation

The Committee on Representation, as defined by the Book of Order (G-3.0103), shall nominate persons to serve in positions requiring election by the presbytery with attention to reflecting the PC(USA) commitment to provide for full participation and access to representation in decision-making and employment practices.

The Big Picture Team shall nominate the members of this committee to the Presbytery for election.


  • Advise the Presbytery regarding the implementation of principles of unity and diversity; to advocate for diversity in leadership; to consult with the Big Picture Team on the employment of personnel (F-1.0403)
  • Promote and review the Presbytery’s implementation of the church’s commitment to inclusiveness and representation.
  • Nominate officers of the Presbytery, elected members of committees, and the Permanent Judicial Commission members (G-3.0111).

[NOTE:  Committee leadership is elected by their own membership.  Ministry Teams and Working Groups created by a standing committee or the Big Picture Team of Presbytery will be recruited and appointed by the creating committee.]

  • Nominate persons to fill vacancies in elected positions in a timely manner.
  • Nominate commissioners from the Presbytery to serve the higher governing bodies of the church as well as members to any committees or other entities of those higher governing bodies.

June 2019


Members (9)


Rev. Erin Jacobson
(East Bethany)

Kay Van Nostrand


Rev. Bruce Boak

Nancy Sprenkle


Rev. Jeff Falter

Roger Miller
(Trinity Emmanuel)


Ex-Officio Members

Acting Presbytery Leader
Susan Orr