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The Mission and Advocacy Committee is a catalyst for mission engagement, including prophetic advocacy for social and economic justice, in the world with our 65 member congregations and with ministries supported by the Presbytery. This is accomplished by the methods of partnership development, educational and financial support, collaboration, interpretation, and oversight.


Membership: 9 This Committee will focus its efforts becoming a Catalyst in the World. Responding to God’s grace this committee shall:

  • Claim our call as partners in the global and local mission of justice and peace.
  • Respond to the needs of people with high vulnerability through programs of direct service and advocacy through local congregations, ecumenical ministries, secular agencies, and inter-faith forums.
  • Participate in ecumenical life and in ministries that offer mission opportunities within the broader community for building understanding and alienating injustice.
  • Advocate and work for systemic change to promote justice and to challenge the ecclesiastical, economic, social, and political forces that oppress people and the environment.
  • Oversee and administer the Presbytery’s portion of the annual Peacemaking Offering.
  • Evaluate and prioritize funding of continuing mission projects and ecumenical programs, and fund new proposals based on availability of funds in the budget.
  • Endeavor to broaden the base for proclaiming the good news through sharing our faith, Presbytery-wide and regional programs and training events that invite discipleship to Jesus Christ; such as mission projects, liberation from oppression, and new church strategies.
  • Be the vehicle through which Presbytery will remain interrelated with the two Homes (Rochester Presbyterian Home and Kirkhaven) and the wide spectrum of eldercare provided by these homes, emphasizing especially information and advocacy around issues of holistic eldercare.
  • Coordinate and oversee the support of Campus Ministries within the bounds of the Presbytery.
  • Develop and implement a process for establishing avenues of input from all governing bodies, and for transmitting that information to sessions and congregations so that they may be aware of the financial needs and goals of Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly.
  • Promote, interpret, and develop participation in the Theological Education Fund among church in the Presbytery.
  • Promote, interpret, and develop participation in General Assembly authorized special offerings among churches in Presbytery.
  • Report to Presbytery activities and stories for mission interpretation and stewardship.



Sue Tedesco

Kay VanNostrand – Chair

Rev. Dr. William Wilkinson
(Trinity Emmanuel)


Rev. Dr. Roderic Frohman
(Honorably Retired)

Rev. Danny Peters


Rev. Gene Fowler

Rev. Neil Frood, Jr.
(Honorably Retired)

Elaine Johnson

Dr. Al Santos

Ex-Officio Members

Presbyter for Mission and Education
Susan Orr


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