The Big Picture Team (formerly ‘Council’) of Presbytery

The Big Picture Team is responsible for regular review and coordination of the functional relationship between the Presbytery’s structure and mission, plans long-range goals and programs, provides for presbytery worship. Meets 4th Monday 6pm in rotation.


The primary purpose of the Big Picture Team is to “provide for the regular review of the functional relationship between Presbytery’s structure and its mission.” (Book of Order, G-11.0103 v.)

  • As such, it is “to develop strategy for the mission of the church in its area consistent with G-3.0000” (Book of Order, G-11.0103 a.)
  • And “to initiate mission through a variety of forms in light of the larger strategy of the synod and the General Assembly” (Book of Order, G-11.0103 c.)

In order to carry forward the vision and strategies of the Presbytery, the Big Picture Team (BPT) has the following responsibilities:

  • All BPT members shall be trained in the concepts of Church Transformation and the BPT should ensure that all committee chairs (including Trustees) are similarly trained. (Strategy One)
  • We will do everything we can to support congregations, individuals and groups who are captured by the vision of growing in the knowledge, love and service of Jesus Christ. (Strategy Two)
  • At least annually, BPT will arrange for Presbytery to hear a report on a new congregation or a significantly transformed congregation. This may be about a Presbyterian congregation in New York or neighboring states—or it may concern a church within the geographical bounds of the Presbytery started by another denomination or independent body. (Strategy Two)
  • As the BPT provides for worship at meetings of the Presbytery, it will ensure that issues of social justice and moral concern, including poverty, racial and ethnic equality and domestic violence are lifted up in joint prayer. (Strategy Three).
  • BPT will actively encourage all congregations, committees, boards, members and staff of Presbytery to live out the values outlined in the preamble to our strategies, to take risks and be bold as we seek to know, live and share Christ and to act with justice and mercy in all things. (Preamble, Strategy Four). As part of this work, the BPT will be diligent in assuring fair representation within all Presbytery groups. (Book of Order, G-11.0103 d, e, w.)
  • Reflecting our strategic desire to “encourage, support, and bless innovation and risk-taking”, BPT will serve as a mentor to Presbytery leaders that choose to come to it with ideas they feel would be beneficial to the Presbytery and its ministry. (Preamble)

The Nominating Committee shall nominate to Presbytery a Big Picture Team chairperson to serve for three years and take office on July 1. BPT is encouraged to select a nominee for chair from amongst its membership and inform the Nominating Committee of its suggestion.

Additionally, the following people shall serve as ex-officio (full members by virtue of their office with voice and vote) members of Big Picture Team:

  • The Chair of BPT
  • The Moderator
  • The Moderator-Elect
  • The immediate past Moderator
  • One representative from the following groups:
    • Committee on Ministry,
    • Committee on Preparation for Ministry,
    • Budget Development and Oversight,
    • Personnel,
    • Pastoral Care and Development,
    • Self-Development of People,
    • Nominating, and
    • Board of Trustees.

    These representatives shall be selected by the groups themselves; no action is needed by the Presbytery. However, groups are strongly encouraged to have consistent representation rather than switching representatives.

  • The Presbytery Leader (with voice, but not vote)
  • The Presbyter for Mission and Education (with voice, but not vote)
  • The Stated Clerk (with voice, but not vote)
  • The Treasurer (with voice and vote)

Additionally, Big Picture Team shall:

  1. Nominate members of Presbytery’s Nominating Committee.
  2. Review the Presbytery docket for each meeting of Presbytery.
  3. Recruit and appoint ministry teams as it deems necessary, or by request of Presbytery.
  4. Coordinate the relationship of the Presbytery with Synod and General Assembly.
  5. Review the Manual of Organization and propose amendments as may be appropriate.
  6. Have the full authority to consider and approve recommendations and actions of the Board of Trustees to the same extent as Presbytery could consider and act. Such authority shall apply to such matters that require action before the next regularly scheduled stated meeting of Presbytery. Any such actions shall be reported to Presbytery at the next stated meeting and fully spread in the minutes.
  7. Have the authority to make decisions on behalf of Presbytery in the approval of grant applications. Any such actions shall be reported to Presbytery at the next stated meeting and fully spread in the minutes of such stated meeting.
  8. Provide for worship at meetings of Presbytery which may be planned and led by ministry teams appointed by the BPT.
  9. Receive and recommend the disposition of overtures, resolutions, proposed amendments to the Constitution and proposed Presbytery policies. Other motions to be brought before Presbytery need not come through the BPT unless the mover wants to seek BPT’s advice regarding the proposed action and the Chair of BPT deems it wise.
  10. BPT shall ensure and provide for training of BPT members in the responsibilities and procedures of the BPT.
  11. BPT shall receive the proposed annual budget, evaluate it in light of the vision and strategies and recommend Presbytery action.
  12. BPT shall have the authority to act on behalf of Presbytery in approving duly elected members of committees or boards to be chair of that committee or board.
  13. The BPT shall have the authority to act on behalf of presbytery in appointing an acting stated clerk for the presbytery in the event of the stated clerk’s illness, incapacity, or death. The acting stated clerk shall serve up to one year. At such time as it becomes clear that the stated clerk will not be able to resume his or her office, the BPT shall provide for the election of a new stated clerk at a presbytery meeting, in conformity with Book of Order procedures.

The BPT shall determine appropriate compensation for an acting stated clerk, subject to approval by the presbytery, and such compensation shall be paid through per-capita apportionment.


Sue Thaine
(TE Albion)

Moderator Elect
Rob Estes
(CP Scottsville)

Immediate Past Moderator
Hezekiah Simmons
(RE Pittsford)

Bob Mecredy
(RE Pittsford)

Stated Clerk
Susan Orr
(RE Trinity Emmanuel)

Amy Williams Fowler

Neighborhood Representatives

#1 Harvest
Marsha Wenhold
(CP, Lyndonville)

#2 Riverside
Ron Little
(Twelve Corners)

#3 Country
Roula Alkhouri
(TE Batavia)

#4 Valley Neighbors
Lisa Morrill
(1st Caledonia)

Ho Dong Hwang
(TE Mendon)

Jerry Swain
(CP Mount Morris)

Laurel Nelson

Healthier Congregations Team
Rotating members of the Healthier Congregations Coordinating Council

Healthy Pastoral Leaders Team
Anne Waasdorp, COM*

Healthy Presbytery Team
Ron Hansen, Trustees*
(RE Third)

*When other committees of these teams have items of business/reflection, they will be invited to the meeting


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