What is Passionate Spirituality?

The most common minimum factor for churches in the Presbytery is “passionate spirituality”. This is also the most common minimum factor for Presbyterian churches in the northeast where folks are more reserved about expressing their spirituality. It is an especially important characteristic. Spiritual energy is essential for the work of congregational transformation.

Natural Church Development describes passionate spirituality this way:

Effective ministry flows out of a passionate spirituality. Spiritual intimacy leads to a strong conviction that God will act in powerful ways. A godly vision can only be accomplished through an optimistic faith that views obstacles as opportunities and turns defeats into victories.

Important Qualities of Passionate Spirituality

Experiencing God

How are church members integrating their faith into all areas of their life?

Passion for Church

What are the marks of a person who is enthusiastic about the church?

Passion for Devotions

In what ways do people in the church spend personal time connecting to God during the week?

Spiritual Interconnectedness

What opportunities are given for people to talk about God’s work in their lives?