Eight Essential Quality Characteristics

Here are eight characteristics of all Christian churches.

What is important and measurable is the adjective that describes the quality of each characteristic. No one single factor leads to growth and health in churches; they are all interconnected.

Natural Church Development focuses on the “minimum factor”.

If attention is given to the “weakest” characteristic, all the others will be affected positively as well.

Each sub-category under each characteristic represents groups of questions asked in the survey that reveal important qualities of that characteristic.

Empowering Leadership

Leaders empower others
Leadership fit
Delegation and sharing of ministry
Compelling vision

Gift-based Ministry

Integrating gifts into ministry
Significance of ministry
Support for ministry
Equipping for ministry

Passionate Spirituality

Experiencing God
Passion for Church
Passion for devotions
Spiritual interconnectedness

Effective Structures

Effective planning
Organizational structures and systems
Innovation and managing change
Structure for effective leadership

Inspiring Worship Service

Personal transformation in worship
Visitor friendly church
Anticipation for worship
Relevance of message

Holistic Small Groups

Developing spiritually-oriented community
Multiplication of disciples, leaders & groups
Integrating newcomers
Group relevance

Need-oriented Evangelism

Compassionate Church
Corporate evangelistic efforts
Personal evangelism
Seeker-sensitive church

Loving Relationships

Affirmation and encouragement
Atmosphere of joy and acceptance
Deepening relationships
Conflict resolution