Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Committee on Preparation for Ministry assists inquirers and candidates as they prepare to become Ministers of the Word and Sacrament.  Meets 1st Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.


Membership: 6-12 (equal number of elders and ministers, as is practicable)

Purpose: To enter into a covenant relationship with those preparing to become Ministers of the Word and Sacrament so as to ensure that those who are to be ordained receive full preparation for their task. The Committee on Preparation for Ministry not only assists inquirers and candidates  as they prepare for ministry but it also provides nurture and care for those enrolled as inquirers or under care as candidates..


The Committee Shall:

    • Be authorized to act on behalf of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley in accordance with G-2.06 of the Book of Order..
    • Meet with sessions when a member of the church desires to become an inquirer in order to provide an orientation to the preparation process, and instruct sessions as to their role in the inquiry and candidacy phases.
    • Interview prospective inquirers and enroll them as inquirers or grant their withdrawal from the process if so requested and report that action at the next Presbytery meeting in accordance with the Book of Order.
    • Provide consultation and guidance during the inquiry phase, ensuring that all requirements of the Book of Order are met.
    • Confer with inquirers and review evidence that they are ready to proceed to candidacy.
    • Act as a commission to receive an inquirer into candidate status, and notify the Stated Clerk so that the candidate may be enrolled. At the next following Presbytery meeting, recognize and lift the candidate in prayer.
    • Provide continuing consultation and guidance during the candidacy phase, in order to determine whether each candidate to be ordained has fully demonstrated readiness to begin the Ministry of the Word and Sacraments or grant withdrawal from the process if so requested and report the same to the next Presbytery meeting as required by the Book of Order.
    • Consult annually with each inquirer and candidate as required by the Book of Order, and report such actions to the Presbytery.
    • Recommend to Presbytery, or to the Big Picture Team (in months in which the Presbytery does not meet) persons to be elected as readers for candidates examinations. [See the Book of Order Section G-2.0607(d)].



Approved 11/28/06
Amended 01/29/19



Ann McMican
(RE, Third)

Rev. Dr. Val Fowler
(TE, HR)


Rev. J. D. Jackson
(TE, Trinity Emmanuel)

Rev. David Pepper
(TE, LeRoy)


Rev. Nathan Mochizuki
(TE, Irondequoit)

Nadia Mullen, chair
(TE, VM, Nazareth)

Rev. Walter Stuber
(TE, AL)

Ex-Officio Members

Acting Presbytery Leader
Susan Orr
(RE, Trinity Emmanuel)


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