Genesee Valley Toolbox

Genesee Valley Toolbox is a topical newsletter from the Presbytery of Genesee Valley Resource Center. The series provides resources to support sessions in the Presbytery of Genesee Valley as they develop, adopt, implement, and update their sexual misconduct policies. The newsletters offer practical information, recommend best practices, and identify reliable sources on a variety of topics. The intent is to deepen knowledge, encourage behaviors, and achieve important outcomes. Please distribute widely in your congregation.


Toolbox 1 rev – Where do we start? 4 Primary Sources that Affect Us All – 6/1/16

Toolbox 2 rev – Overcoming Resistance: The Multiple Whys a Sexual Misconduct Policy is Necessary and Important 6/8/16

Toolbox 3 rev – The Big How: Best Ways to Develop an Initial Policy, or Update an Existing One – 06/15/16

Toolbox 4 rev – Resources, Resources, & More Resources – 06/22/16

Toolbox 5 rev – Selected Best Practices:  What’s Wise to Include in a Session Sexual Misconduct Policy – 06/29/16

Toolbox 6 – Second Opinions:  Independent Advice for Incidents Involving Minors – 09/08/17

Toolbox 7 – 3 Challenges—Sexuality, Abuse, & Accountability/Justice

Toolbox 8 – New York State Law: Preparing for Anticipated Changes in 2019 – 01/02/2019

Toolbox 9 – Lifting the Bushel: Introducing an Outstanding Resource for Congregations – 2/13/19

Toolbox 10 – Workarounds: Conflicts Between the Letter of a Session Child and Youth Safety Policy and the Spirit of the Policy – 9/2/20

Toolbox 11 – Brief Updates: Items with Relevance for Session Policies – 9/24/20