Committee on Ministry

Committee on Ministry furthers spiritual and temporal welfare of congregations, ministers, certified Christian educators, and commissioned lay pastors of presbytery. Responsible for churches going through pastoral transitions. Meets 1st Tuesday 9:15 a.m. @ Gates Presbyterian Church.


Membership: 24

The Presbytery shall elect a Committee on Ministry, which shall function as the pastor, counselor and advisor according to the Form of Government G-3.0307. In its work the Committee on Ministry shall seek to be open at all times to communication regarding the life and ministries of the Presbytery’s congregations and minister members; and to further the spiritual and temporal welfare of congregations, ministers, certified Christian educators, and commissioned pastors of the Presbytery.

The Committee on Ministry shall ordinarily have twenty-four (24) members in three classes of eight (8) persons. The Committee on Ministry shall ordinarily be comprised of twelve (12) ministers and twelve (12) elders. Care shall be taken to ensure that the Committee on Ministry is representative of both the demographics and the geography of the Presbytery.

With the provision that all such actions be reported to the next stated meeting of Presbytery, the Committee on Ministry shall have authority to act on behalf of Presbytery to:

  • facilitate the oversight of Presbytery’s minister members, including granting Honorable Retirement status
  • find in order calls and covenant agreements issued by churches
  • approve and present calls to the Presbytery for services of ministers
  • establish administrative commissions for ordination and/or installation services as per G- 2.0703 and G-2.0805
  • grant permission, and annually review, minister members laboring within or outside the bounds of Presbytery
  • dismiss ministers to other presbyteries
  • dissolve the pastoral relationship when requested and/or necessary G-2.09
  • settle difficulties on behalf of the Presbytery where possible and expedient
  • consult with congregations and neighborhoods regarding its strategy for mission, in collaboration with the Big Picture Team and the Relationships Working Group of the Healthier Congregations Team
  • conduct and approve clearance and exit interviews with pastors and sessions
  • establish minimum compensation standards for pastoral calls and Certified Christian Educators
  • counsel with a session concerning reported difficulties within a congregation, including:

(1) advising the session as to appropriate actions to be taken to resolve the reported difficulties,

(2) recommending resources for mediation

(3) acting to correct the difficulties if requested to do so by the session or, if the session is unable or unwilling to do so, following the procedural safeguards of the Rules of Discipline with the provision that all such actions be reported to the next stated meeting of Presbytery.

(4) walking with congregations through the grieving process resulting from difficulties

  • encourage congregations make full use of the resources available to them, such as Congregational Learning Day and Pastoral Care & Development, and be an active participant in its Presbytery Neighborhood

The Committee on Ministry shall make recommendations to Presbytery to:

  • Oversee the division, dismissal, revitalization, union or dissolution of congregations in consultation with their members
  • Assume original jurisdiction in accordance with G-3.0303eThe Committee on Ministry shall:
        • walk with congregations through times of transition
        • work in conjunction with other appropriate committees of the Presbytery for the care and well-being of the minister members and congregations of the Presbytery.
        • shall oversee training and education regarding sexual misconduct awareness and prevention. For more information see the Presbytery’s Sexual Ethics Policy.
        • shall conduct on-going evaluation of the work of the committee and its impact on the Presbytery



Linda Badger Becker

Rev. Kirk Baker
(Honeoye Falls)

Kathy Coons**
Acting Stated Clerk

Mary Cowden **

Rev. Harry Heintz

Janis Lewis

Rev. Tom Taylor

Rev. Dr. William H. Wilkinson


Mary Haverfield

Janette Henderson

Carson Mouser

Karen Pryor

Marcia Reiff**

Carol Anne Strawbridge

Jim Widboom


Viktoria Berlik

Rev. Bruce Boak

Tim Bucknam

John Dehority

Pat Lockwood

Elaine Loggi

Charles Roberts

**Leadership Team

Ex-Officio Members

Acting Presbytery Leader
Elder Susan Orr **
(Trinity Emmanuel)



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