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Clergy Care & Development

Provides opportunities for clergy and CLPs to further their spiritual and professional development and to stimulate theological reflection and dialogue, advocates for and works with members of the Benefits Plan regarding Board of Pensions and benefits issues, and promotes clergy well-being by providing arenas for fellowship, mutual support, and creative interaction. Meets 2nd Wednesday, 12:15pm @ Presbytery Office.

Committee on Ministry

Furthers spiritual and temporal welfare of congregations, ministers, certified Christian educators, and commissioned lay pastors of presbytery. Responsible for churches going through pastoral transitions. 1st Tuesday 9:15am @ Gates.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Assists inquirers and candidates as they prepare to become Ministers of the Word and Sacrament. Meets 1st Wednesday 5:30pm @ CRCDS.

Congregational Development Committee

Assists churches to grow as communities of faith through consultation, and advocacy for congregational redevelopment. Provide financial support to congregations. Meets last Thursday 6:30pm @ Parkminster.

Mission & Advocacy

Responsible for global and local mission of justice and peace, oversees support for campus ministries, elder care, support programs of direct service and advocacy. Meets 2nd Thursday 4pm @ Presbytery Office.

Resource & Education Committee

Sponsors training events for church and Presbytery leaders. Supervises operation of the Presbytery’s Resource Center, Presbytery youth ministry, annual review of Session minutes. Meets 3rd Thursday 5pm @ Gates.

Self-Development of People

Evaluates and approves proposals for funding of Self Development of People projects within the Presbytery of Genesee Valley. Meets 4th Thursday Noon @Presbytery Office.


Stewardship Development and Interpretation Committee

At the heart of stewardship ministry is spiritual discipleship and participation in the mission of Christ through the Church. The committee promotes understanding of the mission of the PCUSA and inspires generosity among the presbytery’s members and congregations. Meets 2nd Monday, 10:30am @Presbytery Office