Big Picture Team

Big Picture Team

The Presbytery Big Picture Team (BPT) has multiple areas of focus and is accountable for the work of the whole Presbytery. BPT makes recommendations to Presbytery for action and may act on behalf of Presbytery between meetings and when deemed necessary and appropriate. The BPT meets at least monthly.

The responsibilities of the BPT are focused in key areas of visioning, planning, administration, policy development, communication, financial oversight, and Presbytery meetings.

Full Description
Specific tasks and responsibilities of the BPT are detailed in the PGV Policies and Procedures Manual here.

Members of the BPT, elected and appointed, include:

    • Officers of the Presbytery:
      • Moderator
      • Moderator-Elect
      • Immediate Past Moderator
    • Team and Committee Representatives: One (1) each from:
      • Healthier Congregations Team (appointed by its Coordinating Council)
      • Healthy Pastoral Leaders Team (COM)
      • Healthy Presbytery Team
      • Pastoral Care and Development Committee
      • Personnel Committee
    • Neighborhood representatives: One (1) per Neighborhood serving up to three (3) consecutive years
    • At-large members: Two (2) appointed annually by the Moderator, serving up to three (3) consecutive years
    • Ex-officio members:
      • Presbytery Leader
      • Stated Clerk
      • Treasurer

The BPT meets monthly or as needed via Zoom. View Calendar here.

Convener: rotating assignments

Committee Listing
Directory (directory password required)

Working Groups of the BPT
Working Groups include persons who agree to work together to accomplish identified responsibilities, objectives, and goals.  A member of the Big Picture Team will convene each Working Group of that team and serve as the liaison to the Team.

Communication & Technology Working Group (CTWG)

Communication and Technology Working Group (CTWG) works with all of the committees and working groups of the Presbytery to develop strategies and identify tools for equipping churches and fostering connections and community within the Presbytery.  Provides support for PGV website and social media content as appropriate.

Membership of CTWG is open to all and is not elected or term limited.  PGV Communications Coordinator is a key member of the group.

Meets regularly via Zoom as scheduled by the group.

Lisa Bennett, PGV Communications Coordinator

Interfaith & Ecumenical Relations Working Group (IERWG)

The recently formed Interfaith and Ecumenical Relations Working Group (IERWG) is called to:

  • Build relationships and encourage covenant agreements with groups, such as Greater Rochester Community of Churches, Campus Ministries within our bounds, New York State Council of Churches, Rochester Area Community Transforming Society, Christian Churches Together, Rochester Interfaith Network Alive, Parliament of World Religions, and like ministries
  • Engage in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and life
  • Participate together in mission opportunities within the wider community

Activities may include:

  • Affirm & develop framework of ministries in relationships with the working group
  • Work on facilitating, cooperating and mutually supporting works of ministry in the Presbytery, Presbytery Neighborhoods, & the churches of the Presbytery—which, together, embody the church universal in the geographical area of the Presbytery
  • Create a resources development process—includes grants & other resources, & coordination with the Parkside Resources Center, Dansville PC
  • Discern the implications of biblical and confessional guidance for interfaith & ecumenical ministries in the Presbytery
    Initiate communication, education, event, & visioning agendas
  • Review the interfaith & ecumenical implications of the practical theology, programs & initiatives of the PC(USA) for the support and development of ministries

Membership of the IEWG is open to all and is not term limited


Rev. Dr. William Wilkinson

Mission Linkages Working Group (MLWG)

Mission Linkages Working Group (MLWG) maintains and strengthens relationships with designated Presbytery missions including, but not limited to: Cameron Community, Camp Whitman, Genesee Area Campus Ministries, Greater Rochester Community of Churches, Lagom Landing, NY State Council of Churches, PC(USA) Triennium, Rochester Presbyterian Home. Commissioners to the Synod of the Northeast and Synod’s Mission and Ministry Council, the General Assembly, are also connected to our work.

Some designated ministries (such as Lagom Landing) are partnerships that do not currently involve financial support. MLWG receives and reviews grant requests from potential designated ministries on a yearly basis. We make recommendations to the Big Picture Team as to which of these ministries shall receive funds and how funds should be distributed. MLWG also facilitates communication between the designated missions, the Presbytery, and others.


To facilitate collaboration on Mission/Outreach/Advocacy initiatives, resources and opportunities, we have formed an email group [email protected]. The MissionandMatthew25 email group is the primary means of sharing mission-focused information and inquiries within the Presbytery and with its partners. Using the list to build partnerships with one another and to collaborate on outreach is an essential tool in expanding and strengthening our work.

Membership of MLWG is open to all and is not elected or term limited. All are welcome to join.

2nd Monday of the month at 2 p.m. via Zoom

[email protected]
MLWG members rotate as facilitator.

Ministry Connections


Racial Justice, Peace, & Advocacy Working Group (RJPAWG)

The Racial Justice Working Group and the Advocacy for Peace & Justice Working Group are being combined into a single entity, the Racial Justice, Peace, & Advocacy Working Group, starting in fall 2022. Description and Responsibilties of RJPAWG is in development to accurately reflect the combined mission and focus of the two working groups below.


Racial Justice Working Group

The  of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley seeks to address racial injustices of the past and present within the Presbytery and within the larger community. We fully acknowledge the presence and reality of systemic racism in our communities and institutions, most significantly the Church.

By following the teaching of Jesus Christ in our work, the Racial Justice Working Group is committed to establishing a culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We further seek to be effective public witnesses by collaborating with other groups and by replacing patterns of inequity with equity-based decision making.

To this end, we will share with each other, our congregations, our Presbytery, and the larger community the work we are called to do in order to heighten awareness, be a public witness, and engage others in bringing about justice. Acknowledging the presence and reality of systemic racism in our communities and the Church, the RJWG seeks to address our mutual responsibility and participation in systems of oppression and strive to usher in Christ’s peace and reconciliation.

Membership of RJWG is open to all and is not elected or term limited.

2nd Thursday at 4:00pm

Co-facilitators Janette Henderson & Jonathan Nwagbaraocha

Committee Listing
Directory (directory password required)



Advocacy for Peace & Justice Working Group

Working together with Neighborhoods, congregations, and the Presbytery to:

  • claim our call as partners in the global and local mission of justice and peace
  • advocate and work for systemic change to promote justice
  • challenge forces that oppress people and the environment.

Visioning Working Group (VWG)

The Visioning Working Group (VWG) is charged with discerning an updated mission and vision and strategizing how the Presbytery of Genesee Valley will live into that mission and vision – keeping a spirit-led, long-range focus related to structure, finances, and potential collaborations with surrounding presbyteries that can best promote healthy, vital, sustainable leaders and congregations in our current context. The recommendations of the VWG will be guided by the Holy Spirit’s work in our midst, exploration of the purpose of a Presbytery for God’s current world and Church, honoring the “ministry of all believers,” application of our Biblical roots and reformed theology, and respect for the Book of Order.

Membership of the VWG is open and is not term limited. Current composition includes members from a diversity of affiliation in the Presbytery.

As scheduled by the group

[email protected]