Coaching Grant Highlights

The Coaching for Sessions and Leader Grant is aligned with the vision of building healthy, vital, and sustainable leaders. Grant funds are used for intentional coaching support for a Session and Leader. The grant monies provide for six team-coaching opportunities for the Session and six leader opportunities, from a certified coach from our Synod’s Coaching Network. The coach comes alongside the leader and session to assist in clarifying a vision, goals and implementation that they identify.


Caledonia First Presbyterian


The purpose of this coaching was to gain a clear understanding of ourselves and to guide leadership actions toward sustainable changes. The process began by creating new, honestly attainable, vision and mission statements to offer the congregation inspiration, encouragement, hope and love.


Covington United Presbyterian


Through coaching, Session members and church leaders are learning about themselves, how to communicate better with the congregation, and how to formulate a goal that is big enough to make a difference and small enough to accomplish.