Clerks of Session – Reading of Session Minutes

September 2021

Dear Clerk of Session,

The time is here for the annual reading of the Session Minutes books, COVID-style. Woo hoo! This year we will experiment with options for both in-person and/or on-line reviews. I have heard from most (but not all) of you regarding your preference:

Option 1: A completely Electronic Review. This includes being matched with one other clerk to exchange completed review forms and necessary minutes via email. You will review each other’s minutes, sign, scan and return the reviewed minutes form to your clerk partner, cc:ing the Stated Clerk. Completed forms will be due to me by November 1. You will attend one of two Zoom clerk gatherings led by the Stated Clerk on Wednesday, November 10 at 10 a.m. or 6:30 p.m.

Option 2: Part In-person / Part Electronic Review: This includes being paired with one other clerk preferably from the same Presbytery neighborhood. You will meet at a mutually agreeable time and location prepared with your completed review form and your Minutes Book. The reviews are conducted at this time. Upon completion, you will sign and return the review form to your clerk partner. Each clerk must scan and send (or mail) a copy of their completed and reviewed form to the Stated Clerk. Completed forms will be due to me by November 1. You will attend one of two Zoom clerk gatherings led by the Stated Clerk on Wednesday, November 10 at 10 a.m. or 6:30 p.m.

Option 3: A completely In-person Review: This includes coming to Gates Presbyterian church with your completed Review form on Sunday Nov 7, 1-3 p.m. for a “traditional” review, being paired with one other clerk on-site. No Zoom gathering is required.


Each clerk must select one of the above three options. There will be NO make-up sessions or individual readings. Please ensure that your books are read to be compliant.

If you have not provided your preference, it will be assumed that you will attend the November 10 in-person option. I have not heard from the following churches: Avon Central, Bethany, Groveland Federated, Honeoye Falls, Mt. Morris, Nunda Trinity, Ossian, Parkminster, Pike, Rochester Korean, Tuscarora, Warsaw.

Each clerk MUST fill out the Review Form prior to conducting the review. Every year this is stated and invariably a clerk or two will arrive to the review having not completed the Review Form. When this happens, it turns what should be a 45-minute process into several hours. Please be considerate of your clerk partners and complete the Review Form in advance!

What is the purpose of the Zoom meeting for Options 1 and 2? I’ve been asked this question and it’s a good one. One of the advantages to the former Review method was having all the clerks gathered to receive and share information with one another. The Zooms are provided to foster those connections. Since the review is conducted between the clerk partners, attending the Zoom is highly recommended but not mandatory.
Each clerk must submit the signed completed review form to the Stated Clerk (me!) by November 1. If I am not in possession of the signed document, the review will not be considered complete.

How do I get the Review Stamp for my Minutes Book? This is another great question! The office is creating stickers that will be dated and will include my signature. Once the review and the Zooms are completed, these will be mailed to you with a letter of completion.

When will I be paired up with my clerk partner if I have selected Option 1 or Option 2? You will be notified of your partner pairing no later than October 1. However you are encouraged to begin preparing the Review Form now even before receiving this notice.

I still have lots of questions! I am happy to assist in any way possible. Email your questions to me at STATED CLERK. If you have selected Option 1 or 2, consider reaching out to your clerk partner for assistance as well.

The checklist below is for you to complete and bring with you to the Review. Let me say this one last time – complete the attached checklist and bring it with you to your reading.

You will note items 21, 22, 23, and 27 require that you submit policies. This is only necessary if the office does not have the policy currently on file. Please consult the Church Boundaries Ethics Policies Tracking below to ensure the policy status for your congregation. NOTE: if you believe you have submitted a policy that is not listed on the report, contact Lisa Bennett.

Should you have any questions regarding the checklist, please contact me at your convenience.

As always, I am grateful to be your colleague in ministry!

Elder Susan Orr
Transitional Leader/ Stated Clerk