Albion, First Presbyterian Church

29 E State St,Albion,NY,14411-1451
[email protected]
Office: 585-589-7220

Attica, First Presbyterian Church

115 Main St,Attica,NY,14011-1238
Office: 585-591-0536

Barre Center Presbyterian Church

4698 Oak Orchard Rd,Albion,NY,14411-9438
[email protected]
Office: 585-589-9639

Batavia, First Presbyterian Church

300 E Main St,Batavia,NY,14020-2314
[email protected]
Office: 585-343-0505

Bethany Presbyterian Church

3000 Dewey Ave,Greece,NY,14616-3729
[email protected]
Office: 585-663-3000

Brockport, First Presbyterian Church

35 State St,Brockport,NY,14420-1921
[email protected]
Office: 585-637-3780

Byron, First Presbyterian Church

6293 W Main St,Byron,NY,14422-0206
[email protected]
Office: 585-548-2800

Caledonia, First Presbyterian Church

3080 Main St,Caledonia,NY,14423-1242
[email protected]
Office: 585-538-4555

Chili, First Presbyterian Church

3600 Chili Ave,Rochester,NY,14624-5335
[email protected]
Office: 585-889-9896

Christ Clarion Presbyterian Church

415 Thornell Rd,Pittsford,NY,14534-9738
[email protected]
Office: 585-381-5090

Corfu United Presbyterian Church

63 Allegheny Rd,Corfu,NY,14036-0159
[email protected]
Office: 585-599-6414

Covington United Presbyterian Church

1701 Craig Rd,Pavilion,NY,14525-9206
[email protected]
Office: 585-584-8165

Dansville Presbyterian Church

3 School St,Dansville,NY,14437-1509
[email protected]
Office: 585-335-5363

Downtown United Presbyterian Church

121 Fitzhugh St N,Rochester,NY,14614-1222
[email protected]
Office: 585-325-4000

East Avon, First Presbyterian Church

5605 Avon-Lima Rd,Avon,NY,14414-9509
Office: 585-226-6460

East Bethany Presbyterian Church

5735 Ellicot Street Rd,East Bethany,NY,14054-9794
[email protected]
Office: 585-344-2931

Elba, First Presbyterian Church

23 North Main Street,Elba,NY,14058-0188
[email protected]
Office: 585-757-2728

Gates Presbyterian Church

1049 Wegman Rd,Rochester,NY,14624-1530
[email protected]
Office: 585-247-5292

Groveland Federated Church

6616 Groveland Hill Rd,Groveland,NY,14462-9547
Office: 585-243-2638

Holley, First Presbyterian Church

34 E Albion St,Holley,NY,14470-1036
[email protected]
Office: 585-638-6770

Honeoye Falls, First Presbyterian Church

27 N Main St,Honeoye Falls,NY,14472-0568
[email protected]
Office: 585-624-2160

Irondequoit Presbyterian Church

2881 Culver Rd,Rochester,NY,14622-2827
[email protected]
Office: 585-266-3370

John Calvin Presbyterian Church

50 Ward Hill Rd,Henrietta,NY,14467-0103
[email protected]
Office: 585-334-2130

John Knox Presbyterian Church

3233 Ridge Rd W,Rochester,NY,14626-3204
[email protected]
Office: 585-225-6533

Lima Presbyterian Church

7295 W Main St,Lima,NY,14485-0831
[email protected]
Office: 585-624-3850

Livonia, First Presbyterian Church

Richmond Mills Rd,Livonia Center,NY,14488-0046
Office: 585-346-5075

Lyndonville Presbyterian Church

107 N Main St,Lyndonville,NY,14098-0493
[email protected]
Office: 585-765-2838

Mendon, The Church

936 Cheese Factory Rd,Mendon,NY,14506-0188
[email protected]
Office: 585-624-1457

Mt. Morris, United Church of

24 State St,Mt. Morris,NY,14510-1145
[email protected]
Office: 585-658-2122

Mumford, First Presbyterian Church

George St & William St,Mumford,NY,14511-0459
Office: 585-538-4380

North Bergen Presbyterian Church

7068 North Bergen Rd,Bergen,NY,14416-9549
Office: 585-494-1255

Nunda, Trinity Church of

25 East St,Nunda,NY,14517-0015
[email protected]
Office: 585-468-2680

Ogden Presbyterian Church

2400 S Union St,Spencerport,NY,14459-2226
[email protected]
Office: 585-352-6802

Ossian, First Presbyterian Church

4817 Ossian Hill Rd,Dansville,NY,14437-9500
Office: 585-335-6288

Parkminster Presbyterian Church

2710 Chili Ave,Rochester,NY,14624-4196
[email protected]
Office: 585-247-2424

Penfield Presbyterian Church

1881 Jackson Rd,Penfield,NY,14526-1246
[email protected]
Office: 585-377-1620

Perinton Presbyterian Church

6511 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd,Fairport,NY,14450-3401
[email protected]
Office: 585-223-1203

Perry Brick Presbyterian Church

6 Church St,Perry,NY,14530-1102
[email protected]
Office: 585-237-2726

Pike Community Church

52 E Main St,Pike,NY,14130-0297
[email protected]
Office: 585-493-2250

Pittsford, First Presbyterian Church

21 Church St,Pittsford,NY,14534-2005
[email protected]
Office: 585-586-5688

Presbytery of Genesee Valley

1049 Wegman Road,Rochester,NY,14624
[email protected]
Office: 585-242-0080

Scottsville Union Presbyterian Church

1 Browns Ave,Scottsville,NY,14546-0004
[email protected]
Office: 585-889-1604

South Presbyterian Church

144 Metro Park,Rochester,NY,14623
[email protected]
Office: 585-271-5078

Sparta, First Presbyterian Church

4681 Scottsburg Rd,Groveland,NY,14462-0062
Office: 585-243-3324

Stone Bergen Church Presbyterian Church

7549 Lake Rd South,Bergen,NY,14416-0128
Office: 585-494-1847

Summerville Presbyterian Church

4845 St Paul Blvd,Rochester,NY,14617-1725
[email protected]
Office: 585-342-4242

Third Presbyterian Church

4 Meigs St,Rochester,NY,14607-2013
Office: 585-271-6513

Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

9 Shelter St,Rochester,NY,14611-3796
[email protected]
Office: 585-235-5967

Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church

1200 Winton Rd S,Rochester,NY,14618-2298
[email protected]
Office: 585-244-8585

Victor, First Presbyterian Church

70 E Main St,Victor,NY,14564-1302
[email protected]
Office: 585-924-2289

Warsaw, United Church of

22 S Main St,Warsaw,NY,14569
[email protected]
Office: 585-786-3868

Webster Presbyterian Church

550 Webster Rd,Webster,NY,14580-9504
[email protected]
Office: 585-265-9700

York United Presbyterian Church

2662 Main St,York,NY,14592-0411
[email protected]
Office: 585-243-1266