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Continuing Education Scholarship for Christian Educators and Youth Workers

The Resource and Education Committee is proud to offer a scholarship to support the continuing education of our current Christian educators and youth workers.

This scholarship will pay the registration cost for any of these four conferences: Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE), Northeast Association of Church Educators (NEACE), Presbyterian Youth Workers Association (PYWA) and Progressive Youth Ministry (PYM). These scholarships are drawn from a special fund previously used for Christian Education Certification: once the funds have been spent, they will not be replenished.

Requirements: Applicants must be a clergy member, staff member, or layperson currently active in Christian Education or Youth Ministries in the Presbytery of Genesee Valley. Each person may only receive one scholarship from this fund. There is no application deadline; applications will be considered by the Resource and Education Committee as they are submitted. Plan for approximately a one-month delay before receiving news about your application, since the committee meets monthly. Recipients of this scholarship must write a newsletter article about their conference experience (less than one page, pictures encouraged) to share with the presbytery.

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“Genesee Epiphany”

by Rev. Colin Pritchard