Racial Justice Working Group


Mission Statement

The Racial Justice Working Group of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley seeks to address racial injustices of the past and present within the Presbytery and within the larger community. We fully acknowledge the presence and reality of systemic racism in our communities and institutions, most significantly the Church. By following the teaching of Jesus Christ in our work, the Racial Justice Working Group is committed to establishing a culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We further seek to be effective public witnesses by collaborating with other groups and by replacing patterns of inequity with equity-based decision making. To this end, we will share with each other, our congregations, our Presbytery, and the larger community the work we are called to do in order to heighten awareness, be a public witness, and engage others in bringing about justice.
The Racial Justice Working Group meets on the 1st Thursday at 4 p.m.


Resources for intentional anti-racism work



Ruth Andes (Byron)

Laura Bachmann (Gates)

 Nancy Lauder Brown (Downtown)

Ralph Carter (Third)

Alan Dailey (John Calvin)

Jeff Falter (At Large)

Sarah Frasier (Trinity Emmanuel)

Janette Henderson (Pittsford), co-convener

Beth Laidlaw (Third)

Joyce Miller (Trinity Emmanuel)

Laurel Nelson (VM)

Jonathan Nwagbaraocha (Downtown), co-convener

Susan Orr (Trinity Emmanuel)

Tedd Pullano (Third)

Mindy Shaffer (Penfield)

Jim Tappon (Irondequoit)

Tom Taylor (HR)

William Wilkinson (Medina)