The Big Picture Team

Presbytery Big Picture Team

The Big Picture Team is responsible for the work of the whole Presbytery. The Big Picture Team includes the many of the functions of the prior Presbytery Council, continuing, when necessary, to act on behalf of the Presbytery between meetings, primarily with respect to recommendations from the Board of Trustees regarding a congregation’s property.

The Big Picture Team will meet the alternate months of Presbytery gatherings, excluding July and December.

The primary foci of the Big Picture Team are:

  • Dreaming and Discerning: strategizing and making recommendations to the Presbytery, longer range planning, identification and initial support of the New Worshipping Communities
  • Engaging the three others Teams in processes of evaluation, and, where necessary, coordination
  • Communication, both listening and sharing, with Presbytery members, commissioners, church members, the Neighborhoods and the wider community, through social media and face-to-face gatherings
  • Presbytery meetings and gatherings – for decision-making, education, building relationships, and spiritual nurture

The structure of the Big Picture Team will be designed by the Team to best accomplish its functions. The Team will communicate its design to the Presbytery, allowing for experimentation, pilot projects, and collaborative work across Teams and Neighborhoods of the Presbytery.

Members of the Big Picture Team will include both elected and appointed persons:

A Convener nominated by the Moderator and Moderator-Elect from among its members, and elected by the Team from its members

Officers of the Presbytery: Moderator, Moderator-Elect, Immediate Past Moderator, Treasurer, Stated Clerk

One Representative each from: 1) the Healthier Congregations Team (appointed by its Coordinating Council), 2) the Healthy Pastoral Leaders Team, and 3) the Healthy Presbytery Team

One representative from each Neighborhood, serving up to 3 consecutive years

Two at-large Members for Discerning and Dreaming (appointed annually by the Moderator, serving up to 3 consecutive years

Presbytery Leader (Ex-officio)

The Big Picture Team will include these Working Groups:

  • Mission Linkages – relationships with designated Presbytery Missions, including, but not limited to ROC SALT, Rochester Presbyterian Home, Cameron Community Ministries, Camp Whitman; our Commissioners to the Synod of the Northeast and its Mission and Ministry Council; and the General Assembly
  • Advocacy – working with Neighborhoods, Congregations and the Presbytery, to claim our call as partners in the global and local mission of justice and peace; advocate and work for systemic change to promote justice and challenge forces that oppress people and the environment (Earth Care Team).
  • Interfaith and Ecumenical Relationships – through covenant agreements with groups such as the Greater Rochester Community of Churches, and the Rochester Interfaith Network Alive, as well as other organizations, to participate in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and life, and mission opportunities within the wider community

A member of the Big Picture Team will convene each Working Group of that team and serve as the liaison to the Team. Other participants will be included as described above.

Additionally, the Big Picture Team shall:

  1. Nominate members of Presbytery’s Committee on Representation.
  2. Recruit and appoint ministry teams as it deems necessary, or by request of Presbytery.
  3. Coordinate the relationship of the Presbytery with Synod and General Assembly.
  4. Review the Policies & Procedures Manual and propose amendments as may be appropriate.
  5. Have the full authority to consider and approve recommendations and actions of the Board of Trustees to the same extent as Presbytery could consider and act. Such authority shall apply to such matters that require action before the next regularly scheduled stated meeting of Presbytery. Any such actions shall be reported to Presbytery at the next stated meeting and fully spread in the minutes.
  6. Have the authority to make decisions on behalf of Presbytery in the approval of grant applications. Any such actions shall be reported to Presbytery at the next stated meeting and fully spread in the minutes of such stated meeting.
  7. Receive and recommend the disposition of overtures, resolutions, proposed amendments to the Constitution and proposed Presbytery policies. Other motions to be brought before Presbytery need not come through the Presbytery Big Picture Team unless the mover seeks the Big Picture Team’s advice regarding the proposed action, and the Convener of the Big Picture Team deems it wise.
  8. Presbytery Big Picture Team shall receive the proposed annual budget, evaluate it in light of the vision and strategies, and recommend Presbytery action.
  9. Presbytery Big Picture Team shall have the authority to act on behalf of Presbytery in approving duly elected members of committees, commissions, ministry teams or boards.
  10. Presbytery Big Picture Team shall have the authority to act on behalf of Presbytery in appointing an acting stated clerk for the presbytery in the event of the stated clerk’s illness, incapacity, or death. The acting stated clerk shall serve up to one year. At such time as it becomes clear that the stated clerk will not be able to resume his or her office, the Big Picture Team shall provide for the election of a new stated clerk at a presbytery meeting, in conformity with Book of Order procedures. The Big Picture Team shall determine appropriate compensation for an acting stated clerk, subject to approval by the presbytery, and such compensation shall be paid through per-capita apportionment.



Colin Pritchard
(TE Victor)

Moderator Elect
Lea Kone
(RE Downtown)

Immediate Past Moderator/BPT Convener
Roger Estes
(CP/Elder Mumford)


Bob Mecredy
(RE Pittsford)

Acting Stated Clerk
Kathy Coons
(RE Gates)

Susan Orr
(RE Trinity Emmanuel)


#1 Harvest
William Wilkinson

#2 Riverside
Ron Little
(Twelve Corners)

#3 Country
Roula Alkhouri
(TE Batavia)

#4 Valley Neighbors
Lisa Morrill
(1st Caledonia)

Robin Sheppard

Jerry Swain
(CP Mount Morris)


Healthier Congregations Team
Elder Ann Haag (Third)

Healthy Pastoral Leaders Team
Elder Karen Pryor (Third) – COM

Healthy Presbytery Team
Elder Barbara James (Summerville) – Trustees

Pastoral Care & Development
Rev. Deb Swift (South)

Personnel Committee
Elder Rose Peet (Third)


Rev. Laura Bachmann (Gates)
Rev. Laurel Nelson (VM)
Rev. Sue Thaine (Albion) – BPT Convener

*When other committees of these teams have items of business/reflection, they will be invited to the meeting

Neighborhood Groups