Triple Play Grants

** As of June, 2015, Triple Play Grant applications are no longer being accepted. ** 

The introduction of the Triple Play in 2012 marked the beginning of a sea-change in the Presbytery’s approach to mission and mission funding.  Mission grants had once been distributed directly to worthy community projects and organizations. The Triple Play began to modify that approach by linking support for community mission more directly to nearby collaborating congregations.  Now, in effect, the Triple Play experience has helped shift the entire focus of the Presbytery from centralized operations and mission to the focus on healthy, vital, sustainable congregations as they engage on the front-line of mission in their communities.

For more information, contact Susan Orr, Presbyter for Mission & Education at [email protected]

Jim Renfrew

The “Triple Play” is an exciting new way for the churches of Genesee Valley Presbytery to blend congregational health, community mission and leadership training in a single project.  The Triple Play might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Each project receives a multi-year commitment of Presbytery financial support, from three to five years in most cases.  It’s not just about money, because each grant is meant to inspire the  involvement of Presbyterians from the whole of Presbytery to help further a project.

The Triple Play was developed by three committees of the Presbytery  – Mission & Advocacy, Congregational Development and Resource & Education.  The committees have pooled their financial resources.  Successful applicants will demonstrate a plan for improving congregation health, developing a vibrant community mission, and training the leadership needed to carry the project forward.  In the past these endeavors were carried our separately, with little cross-fertilization, but now they are combined in a single effort.

A Triple Play project is an excellent opportunity for at least two Presbyterian congregations and one community agency to create a close collaboration in ministry and mission.

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