Policies & Procedures

A policy of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley is a course of action or a principal of action which is intended to apply broadly to the decisions and actions of the Presbytery and the committees and other entities of the Presbytery.

Guidelines and procedures are not as broad as Presbytery-wide policies. Guidelines and procedures define the manner in which certain courses of action are followed or implemented, consistent with Presbytery-wide policies. Guidelines and procedures may inform and instruct the work of committees or other entities, as they serve to enact or bring to fruition the decisions made by the Presbytery.


Policies and Procedures Manual

Most Presbytery policies and procedures have been consolidated in the Policies and Procedures Manual (Updated 1/2020)

Online versions

The Presbytery of Genesee Valley has three active policy documents:

Policies within these documents include:

The Consolidated Finance, Investment, and Funding Policies

  • Presbytery Funding Policies
    • The Presbytery Unified Budget
    • Linkages
    • Special Offerings
    • Capital Fund or Building Programs
  • Presbytery Finance Office Policy
    • Fund Designation
    • Accounting
    • Cash Management
    • Presbytery Receipts
    • Presbytery Disbursements
    • Reports
    • Presbytery Annual Budget
    • Record Retention and Record Keeping
    • Responibilites
    • Records Retention Guidelines
  • Presbytery Investment Policy
    • Summary of Asset Management Guidelines
    • Policy for Professionally Managed Investments
  • Presbytery Capitalization Policy
  • Sale of Assets Policy
  • The Slater Fund
  • Donor Specified Use Funds
  • Revolving Loan Fund
    • Facility Loans
    • Mission, Ministry and Congregational Developmetn Loans
    • Loan Guarantee
    • Line of credit
    • Grants
    • Reserves
    • Allocation of Income
  • Grace New Church Development Fund
  • Youth Triennium Escrow Fund
  • Per Capita Policy and Administration
  • Westminster Worship Mnistry at RPH Fund

 Policy on Sexual Misconduct

  • Conceptual Framework: Biblical and Confessional
  • Principles
  • Terms and Definitions in this Policy
  • Preventive and Risk Management Procedures
  • Intervention Procedures
  • For more helpful information, please review the Sexual Misconduct Policies & Resources page.

Guidelines and Procedures

This section contains policies established by the various committees, etc.

Committee on Ministry

Please see the Committee on Ministry’s Documents section for policies pertaining to pastors, interim pastors, supply pastors, CLPs, candidates, pastors emeritus/emerita and other COM matters.

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