The Presbytery Youth Ministry is sponsored by the Resource & Education Committee.

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Youth Overnight Mission Project at Camp Whitman – Fun at Camp Whitman!!

Mission Day Movement

As we journey through resurrection and the season of rebirth we are likely moved to new projects and new actions. Some of these new actions may be individual and some may be corporate. Outreach to our community is a great new action for this season of change.   This year rather than participating in a presbytery-wide event, PGV churches and neighborhoods are encouraged to develop mission and outreach activities suitable to their own context.  Given our evolution to the new PGV model of “bottom-up” support to churches (rather than “top-down” ) the Mission & Advocacy and Resource & Education Committees stand ready to provide support (e.g. resources, publicity, connections, etc.) for the formation and implementation of  church developed mission activities or events. Hopefully the collaboration between congregations will result in some unique new events – or rebirth of previous mission activities. Contact Susan Orr at [email protected] to make connections or for more information on creating new mission events.

Joint Youth Group of Rochester

The Joint Youth Group of Rochester is mission-based youth group program that is open to all the Presbyterian churches in our Presbytery, as well as any youth in 6th through 12th grades.

How does this work?  We have set up a number of service projects in the Rochester area. We are serving in seven different focus areas and tracking service hours. This variety should appeal to most of the youth in your church, most of the time.

Our hope is that the youth leaders will generate interest with their existing youth and carpool to the service project. Youth can contact the person listed with their interest in participating as well.

This youth service group is intended to enhance your already existing youth program, or offer youth events if your group is too small to be its own entity.

Won’t you consider participating in the Joint Youth Group of Rochester?

I am also available to speak to your congregation or governing board, letting them know how we are meeting the needs of youth to be viable workers in God’s world and meeting the needs of the youth leaders to soften the workload.

Let’s be the hands and feet of Jesus in the Rochester area together!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email ([email protected]) or phone at (585) 694-0881.

Diane Hoener

The Resource and Education Committee is proud to offer a scholarship to support the continuing education of our current Christian educators and youth workers.

This scholarship will pay the registration cost for any of these four conferences: Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE), Northeast Association of Church Educators (NEACE) Presbyterian Youth Workers Association (PYWA) and Progressive Youth Ministry (PYM). These scholarships are drawn from a special fund previously used for Christian Education Certification: once the funds have been spent, they will not be replenished.

Requirements: Applicants must be a clergy member, staff member, or layperson currently active in Christian Education or Youth Ministries in the Presbytery of Genesee Valley. Each person may only receive one scholarship from this fund. There is no application deadline; applications will be considered by the Resource and Education Committee as they are submitted. Plan for approximately a one-month delay before receiving news about your application, since the committee meets monthly. Recipients of this scholarship must write a newsletter article about their conference experience (less than one page, pictures encouraged) to share with the presbytery.

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Presbyterian Youth Triennium (PYT)

The Presbyterian Youth Triennium is a five day event for high school age youth (entering freshmen through graduated seniors) and accompanying adult youth leaders.  The Triennium is focused on equipping young people to be transformational Christian leaders and seeks to join the home churches of the attendees to help call young people into deeper discipleship in Jesus Christ.  The Youth Triennium is a high energy, biblically infused and focused, youth friendly conference.  The Youth Triennium occurs every three years.  The next Triennium will be in July 2019.  Registration for the Triennium will begin in the fall of 2018.    Photos and event information (past and current) can be found at

2016 youth triennium

New!  Read more about upcoming Triennium:

Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2019

2016 Young Adult Advisory Delegate (YAAD) Selection

Meet (click on his name)  Zach Caloritis – Our 2016 YAAD Delegate!

Serving as a YAAD is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the wider witness and work of the Presbyterian Church. Those who have served as YAADs continue to praise the value of the experience, and recommend it to others.

The Resource and Education Committee is responsible for selecting primary and alternate YAADs for both Synod and General Assemblies. A total of four positions must be filled.  In the past, delegates have come from congregations large and small, rural and urban.  Some youth come from established youth programs, while others are from congregations with no youth program of any kind.

** The nominating process for the YAAD 2016 General Assembly has been  completed. **

YAAD Fact Sheet

YAAD Nomination Form

Camp Whitman on Seneca Lake

cw-logoCamp Whitman is a boys and girls Christian summer camp on 117 expansive acres at the shore of Seneca Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York. The Presbyteries of Geneva and Genesee Valley have designed a type of camping experience in which young people and counselors live, plan and celebrate together in a family group for a week. The emphasis is on the campers’ needs. Our purpose is to provide personal and spiritual growth for each camper through the experiences of Christian fellowship, a simple lifestyle, worship and Bible study. We believe the message of Jesus Christ speaks to the development of each human being as a whole, complete person, who recognizes their own uniqueness as loved by God, and celebrates life by loving and caring for themselves and each other. Believing in the importance of this type of Christian living, the Presbyteries of Geneva and Genesee Valley subsidize the cost of all campers.

More about Camp Whitmam!

PC(USA) Youth Resources

As youth and adults, we respond to God’s call through the Holy Spirit to be connected to each other, the church, and the world so that our lives proclaim with joy that Jesus Christ is Lord! In response to those needs, the 205th General Assembly (1993) approved the creation of a new national youth ministry organization, named the Presbyterian Youth Connection. The Presbyterian Youth Connection seeks to do just that — connect young people to each other, the whole church, and the whole world through faith in Jesus Christ.

 Ministries With Youth