TCC Collaborations

A Thank You from The Garden’s Edge:   Garden’s Edge 2016 Report

With a great deal of excitement, the decisions were made to support the following Triple Play projects, beginning in January 2013: 

  • El Agua Es Vida (Christ Clarion, Covington) – To purchase and install eight water disinfection systems in Chiapas, Mexico. The churches will send teams to work with village leadership to construct the systems over the next several years. The Covington area has many farm workers from Chiapas laboring on their farms. This provides an opportunity to connect a distant project in Mexico with people from Chiapas who are living close by.
  • Cameron Community Ministries (Christ Clarion, Laurelton, Third): Cameron has been a lifeline for many residents in Rochester’s Lyell-Otis neighborhood for nearly thirty years providing meals, clothing, advocacy and a welcoming community. Putting a Fork in Hunger funds will go to enhance and expand some of Cameron’s current services as demand is increasing exponentially.  This partnership aims to launch a publicity and educational campaign about the struggle to reduce hunger in our community.
  • Judicial Process Commission (Brighton, Pittsford First):   The New Journeys program trains mentors to work with women coming out of prison. The grant will fund the volunteer coordinator position at the Judicial Process Commission.  This person coordinates and trains all the folks who do the mentoring, as well as the counselor and social worker who offer these women important counseling and support.
  • Focus on the Children (Caledonia First, Caledonia Stone):  The focus of this grant proposal is to develop a Volunteer Training and Institute program, creating a trained volunteer base who will be able to work with struggling families who are in crisis or need.
  • Community Action of Orleans and Genesee, Inc (Albion First, Barre Center, Holley First, Lyndonville, Medina):  The goal of the Youth Service Partnership program is to train people to provide tutoring, mentoring, social skill training, life skill training and health and wellness training to at risk youth in Orleans County and Genesee County.