Lenten Digital & Prayer Station Resources

Shirley DeMartinis, Mt Rise United Church of Christ, shares the following 2018 Lenten digital Experience:

Week 1 Feb. 11

Week 1 Feb. 18

Week 2 Feb.25

Week 3 Mar. 4

Week 4 Mar. 11

Week 5 Mar. 18

Week 6 Mar. 25.docx -Apr 1


The labyrinth is a walking tool for prayer.  It is a way of seeking the presence of God, connecting, opening up to what God will bring to you during the journey in and out.  The Resource Center has to cloth labyrinths for borrowing:  1) 18’x18’ Creton and 2) 24’x24’ 7-circuit Chartres.  To borrow, please contact Susan at [email protected]


 Prayer Stations for Lent

In 2008, Laurelton borrowed materials from the Tabernacle, a series of prayer stations available for borrowing from the Resource Center.  Here is the packet of materials distributed to participants at their Ash Wednesday service.



Mandala, loosely translated “circle” in Sanskrit, is used in some cultures as a means of centering, focusing and contemplation.