Resource Center


The Resource Center is in transition and getting ready for the move to Dansville. Everything is boxed, ready and not available for borrowing until it is in place in the new location.  The Equipment (projector, laptop and screens) and the Labyrinth are still available.  Please contact Cheryl Battaglia, [email protected] or 585-242-0080 to make arrangements to borrow these items.

Policies Governing Use of Audio-Visual Equipment

  • Audio-visual equipment is available in the Resource Center at the Presbytery office for use by the churches and all units of the Presbytery. Wide use of this equipment is encouraged.
  • A responsible adult should check out all equipment and accessories. The procedure includes adequate training in use, filling out the appropriate form (noting all equipment taken and dates of borrowing, use and expected return) and the signing of an agreement, accepting full responsibility for the equipment.
  • Equipment should be returned promptly according to the arrangements made in advance.
  • Borrower should use the enclosed checklist to be sure all parts of the equipment is being returned.
  • The borrower is responsible for repair or replacement cost resulting from damage or loss of equipment while away from the Presbytery office.
  • Equipment should be carried-on (not checked) on when traveling by air, train or bus.
  • Please call the Resource Center to reserve your equipment needs as soon as they become known to you.
  • All equipment must be picked up and dropped off in person according to the agreed lending time.
  • A release agreement must be signed before borrowing equipment.
  • Printable version of Equipment Policy