ROC SALT Center Update

January 29, 2019

 Fourteen months ago, in November 2017, we, the presbytery, approved a three-year pilot program for ROC SALT Center. Included in that was a one-time financial commitment for capital improvements to the former Calvary-St. Andrews building and the inclusion of ROC SALT Center in the presbytery’s annual budget.

This past September, we reported to you that during the first pilot year, the mission immersion program involved 164 participants and 15-½ days of service and learning together. We partnered with organizations like Foodlink, Harbor House, House of Mercy, and many more to give them hands-on experience, learning,

and theological reflection on issues of poverty and justice.

Since then…

Mission Immersion Program

  • We extend our deepest gratitude to Laura Bachmann for launching the mission immersion program pilot, and establishing a strong foundation on which to build. Laura determined her ministry call is leading her another direction, so she opted not to renew her contract when it expired on 12/31/18.
  • The ROC SALT Board has approved a shared leadership model for the next phase of the pilot, and has hired Tedd Pullano and Melanie Jones as Co-Program We are grateful for the unique gifts each brings to further develop the program.
  • Two youth groups have already signed up for summer pilot weeks in 2019; outreach and marketing to recruit additional groups for this summer (up to a total of 5 pilot weeks) has
  • The program continues to be enhanced by the gifts of our field education student from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Michelle Allen (from Youngstown Presbyterian Church in the Presbytery of Western New York).
    • We are working to deepen our bench of area partner mission
  • A new ROC SALT logo is coming soon!

South Wedge Food Program

  • Monthly number of people served (stats from December 2018):

Households: 323

Children: 334

Adults: 350

Seniors: 147

  • 75 Thanksgiving Baskets were packed and distributed, and a record 90 Christmas baskets packed and

Facilities Renovations

  • We have completed the scope and schematic design phase of the education building renovation plans with Bero Priorities for the project include accessibility, flexibility, and inclusion. The detailed plans are now underway, which will enable us to put the project out for bid and begin construction.
    • Funding for these renovations will come from the $300,000 capital funds already approved by the Presbytery in November

Nesting Congregation

  • Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church began worshiping weekly at ROC SALT Center in October, and their presence and growing partnership is a good news story.

Community Events

  • The Friends of Historic Calvary St. Andrews have hosted a full slate of lectures, concerts, and other community events in the historic sanctuary and chapel, including a holiday bell concert.
  • Upcoming events include Musica Spei on February 16, the Yale Russian Chorus on March 10, and a benefit concert featuring Val Fowler and Greg Franklin on March 23.

ROC SALT Board – 2019

Ruth Fischer, Webster Lea Kone, Downtown

Hezekiah Simmons, Pittsford Dick Sprenkle, Pittsford

Laurie Tiberi, U of R Protestant Chapel Community

Keith Hadley, co-chair, Gates

Lynette Sparks, co-chair, Third Church Tracy Walker, Third Church

John Wilkinson, Third Church (advisory) Melissa DeRosia, Gates (advisory)

There’s a Place for You…

  • If you know of a local or national group, youth/adult/multi-generational, who would like to connect with our efforts, please let Tedd, Melanie, or Lynette know (contact info follows).
  • If you and your church have relationships with area mission organizations that could partner with ROC SALT, please share them with us!
  • We are seeking to identify a couple of additional candidates for board membership. If you know of someone with appropriate skills to contribute, especially in development and marketing, please share those suggestions with us. Could that be you!?!?!?
  • Join a volunteer mission leadership team to help plan and lead one of the weeks we host groups.
  • If you’d like to have a Session or committee meeting at the site, or simply want to bring a group for a visit or tour, let us know.
  • Volunteer (individual or a team from your church) with the South Wedge Food Program.


Lynette Sparks [email protected] to get involved with one of the teams

Tedd Pullano or Melanie Jones, [email protected] for ROC SALT Mission Immersion info

Katie Jo Suddaby katiejosudd[email protected] for South Wedge Food Program info

Keith Hadley [email protected] to get involved in facility projects

Tracy Walker [email protected] to get involved in special events


Visit our website at


Thanks to the presbytery for your prayers and support!

ROC SALT Center Update for Presbytery January 2019

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