About Us

Representing 61 Presbyterian (USA) churches in Rochester, NY
and the surrounding five-county area

Our Vision:

Know Christ, Live Christ, Share Christ


Today we lift up our vision for the Presbytery of Genesee Valley. We have a vision that begins with the faithfulness of those who have preceded us. We have a vision that emerges in a context of turbulence and rapid change in church and society. We have a vision that grows in the hearts of our diverse people as we commit to serve Christ together.

Vision Statement

The Presbytery of Genesee Valley glorifies God by Knowing Christ, Living Christ, and Sharing Christ.

What does this Vision look like?

  • We Know Christ when we worship God through Scripture, prayer, songs, and preaching; when we live as disciples of Jesus Christ within a faithful community of congregations; and when we experience the Holy Spirit leading us into the world with purpose and conviction. Our vision calls for the Presbytery to train and equip the people of God for faithful service in the life of our churches and surrounding communities.
  • We Live Christ when we model the truth and integrity of the Gospel as we build trust and work with one another and our neighbors; when our elders, pastors and church leaders feel strong spiritual encouragement and support for their vocation; and when we demonstrate our calling in ways that capture the attention of people who live throughout the Genesee Valley. Our vision calls for the Presbytery to demonstrate the wonder and joy of Christian faith as we eat, work, play and reach out together.
  • We Share Christ when we initiate emerging faith communities, develop new churches, and support existing churches; when our congregations join hands for shared mission endeavors; and when we engage in ministries of healing, comfort, renewal, justice, and peace. Our vision calls on the Presbytery to be a gathering of faithful congregations in which we mourn our defeats, celebrate our successes, and seek God’s confidence and strength as we embrace the future.

Implementation Strategy

At its November 29, 2005 meeting, the Presbytery approved this strategy document designed to provide guidelines for implementing Our Vision.

At its January 29, 2005 meeting, the Presbytery adopted this vision statement designed to lead our community of faith into the future.

A Vision/Mission Ministry Team appointed by the Council spent 15 months gathering data, studying materials, and reviewing feedback from presbyters. The Vision Statement is a critical first step in a strategic planning process.

At the January meeting, presbyters were invited to offer suggestions for realizing the vision. This feedback will be used by a Council Planning Team to develop strategies for implementation.