The Shepherding Working Group was born out of extended listening to the needs of pastors in the Presbytery and the recommendation of Stepanie Sauve and Christine James, co-consultants for leader care and development. This working group is being formed to foster relationships, community, and a culture of care for each another with the reasoning, “All PGV leaders [serving as pastors in churches] need access to pastoral care as they face the highs and lows of life, as well as to encouragement and support, both personal and professional.”


Specifically, this working group joins five other working groups of the Big Picture Team and will guide and offer leader care and development to pastors of the Presbytery. It will be composed of 6 to 12 individuals and will be supervised by the Pastor of Leader Care and Development (PLCD), a newly approved paid staff position. The members of the Shepherding Working Group have such duties as:

    • Contacting each pastor/leader within 2 weeks of being assigned to them
    • Meeting with each pastor/leader at least twice a year
    • Assisting (PLCD) to
      • develop and execute 2 pastor/leader development events per year
      • develop a list of leaders to fill in during emergency situations
      • identify and assign mentors, as well as training mentors and providing accountability for the task
      • host two lunch events for retired leaders annually
      • celebrate Presbytery-wide Installations in the spring and fall of each year


The co-consultants for leader care and development are now seeking individuals to serve in carrying out these responsibilities. Interested individuals can contact


They are also seeking candidates for the Pastor of Leader Care & Development (5 hours/week). The position description follows:

Purpose: Guide the Leader Care and Development of the PGV


      • Member of Presbytery of Genesee Valley
      • Div. degree
      • Deep listener
      • Responsive to pastoral care needs
      • Ability to organize events, worship, hospitality, celebrations, and lunches.
      • Administration—lead a Working Group

Pay range: $30-35 per hour

Supervisor: Executive Presbyter

Send resume to: