CALL TERM:                 5 Years (renewable) Full Time

This person is elected for a five-year renewable term, with an annual assessment. This position is a full-time, called and installed position. The Presbytery has no brick-and-mortar office. Its 54 churches are spread out across the Genesee Valley region. Creative and innovative approaches to ministry are at the core of our presbytery identity and essential to the role of EP. The position will be subject to a final employment agreement.


SALARY RANGE:       $90,000-$100,000 Effective Salary



The EP serves as the administrator of the Presbytery and the Head of Staff of the Presbytery. They are accountable to the Presbytery through the Big Picture Team and the Personnel Committee.



An annual performance review will be conducted by the Personnel Committee developed from input provided by those who have a strong understanding of the Executive Presbyter’s responsibilities, or to whom the Executive Presbyter is accountable. A more comprehensive performance review will be completed by the Personnel Committee every five years. The Personnel Committee will review the adequacy of compensation on an annual basis.


PURPOSE:   We seek an Executive Presbyter who will:

    • Provide inspiring, visionary leadership and discernment of God’s call to us today
    • Equip church leaders to translate this vision into tangible, relevant, and effective forms of ministry for the current time
    • Model flexible, creative, adaptive leadership skills
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Presbytery’s organizational structure and guide restructuring as appropriate
    • Support the presbytery in grieving the losses of the past, empower us to live authentically in the present, and lean into the resurrection hope of where God is leading us in the future


      • Guide the Presbytery theologically and spiritually as it pursues its life & mission through interpretation, reflection, planning and implementation
      • Lead in the implementation of Presbytery decisions in matters of strategy, program, mission and resources
      • Oversee policies and programs of the Presbytery directly, through Presbytery staff, or committees
      • Lead the Presbytery in the interpretation and implementation of the Matthew 25 movement
        • Assist in creating opportunities for emerging majorities, new immigrants and existing members, and congregations of the Presbytery to become the church together in a pluralistic and multicultural society
      • Serve as the primary spokesperson for the Presbytery
      • With the Moderators and staff, coordinate and participate in stated and special meetings of Presbytery
      • Enhance communications and coordination among Neighborhoods, Teams, Working Groups, Committees and Commissions of the Presbytery
      • Support and/or serve as ex officio member on the following committees: Big Picture Team, Board of Trustees, Budget Development and Oversight Committee, Committee on Ministry, Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Committee on Representation, and Personnel Committee
      • Provide emergency pastoral care for congregations and leaders during times of crisis and transition.
      • Visit, resource, guide, preach, and challenge as needed, the churches and leadership of the Presbytery
      • Support the practice of sound fiscal management and transparency of the Presbytery’s financial resources and assets, in concert with appropriate committees and staff
      • Serve as Head of Staff:
        • Supervising the professional and support staff, regularly communicating and working collaboratively
        • Plan, organize, and direct the daily activities of the Presbytery’s virtual office including matters dealing with human resources, facilities, finances, calendar, and other administrative functions
        • Work with the Personnel Committee on all staffing matters
      • Be engaged in the work of the Synod, General Assembly, and other ecumenical bodies



      • Must be an ordained minister or ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA)
      • Commitment to and a vital and active faith in Jesus Christ, as informed by scripture and guided by the Book of Confessions and the Book of Order of the PCUSA
      • Proven knowledge of and leadership experience in the PCUSA
      • Effective at building, nurturing, and maintaining relationships across a diversity of theological and cultural perspectives
      • Call to innovative and visionary leadership rooted in spiritual depth, with the ability to promote and interpret that vision to the Presbytery
      • Ability to speak the truth in love, serving as an agent of health, peace, and reconciliation in times of conflict, while maintaining a foundation of hope, enthusiasm, and openness to and for the future that God is calling the Presbytery into
      • Strong organizational abilities, with maintenance of appropriate role boundaries and respect of others
      • Personal integrity, spiritual health, broad intellectual interests, humor, and humility
      • Open to ecumenical relationships with other denominations and faiths



      • Pastoral leadership, skilled communication written and oral, and conflict resolution
      • Ability to implement decisions within a large, diverse organization
      • Effective verbal and written communication skills; efficiency in managing multiple tasks
      • A facility with and willingness to embrace new media and contemporary digital technologies
      • Non-anxious leadership in an anxious time; ability to instill confidence, trust, and esprit de corps between the Presbytery, Big Picture Team, Presbytery committees, member churches, pastors, elders and the Presbytery staff
      • Ability to effectively represent the Presbytery as a spokesperson on strategic, operational, policy, and polity-related issues
      • In-depth knowledge of processes, procedures, relationships, traditions, and cultural nuances of the PCUSA
      • High levels of discretion and ability to manage confidential information appropriately



    The Executive Presbyter shall retain intellectual property rights as applicable under New York and federal law to all sermons, speeches, and other written materials produced in the course of their responsibilities as Executive Presbyter. Able and willing to travel to churches, conferences, and assemblies as needed.



  • Rev. Rebecca Segers,, chair of Executive Presbyter Search Team