A Vital Gift from Our Board of Pensions for Members of Your Presbytery


Last summer, the Board of Pensions of the PC (USA) began the Clergy Wellness Support Program. This initiative provides ministers with grants up to $5,000 to foster renewal and wholeness. The grants can be taken every six years.


The Clergy Program at the Davidson Centre for the Professions is one of the seven preapproved programs of the Clergy Wellness Program: www.pensions.org/your-path-to-wholeness/assistance-program/receiving-assistance/clergy-wellness-support.


Since 2004, more than 1,200 clergy have participated in this on-site intensive wellness program —The  Clergy Program. This program in Davidson, North Carolina has strengthened lives and revitalized careers, especially for those in transition and stress. This grant from the Board of Pensions will cover the full cost of this program and all related travel expenses for pastors earning under an $80,000 salary.


Caregivers tend to give care for everyone, except ourselves. This onsite Clergy Program includes intensive wellness work with certified counselors, spiritual directors, consultants, life coaches, nutritionists, financial counselors, and personal fitness trainers. It is a great week of self-care and a way to obtain tools for personal/professional resilience.


General information is found at www.davcp.com. This is an independent, ecumenical, HIPAA compliant service, and a validated ministry of our church.


PGV clergy can register, or ask questions, by contacting Director Suzanne Schilling suzanneschilling@davcp.com