The Presbytery’s author talk with John Dorhauer on November 18 was an informative and deeply thoughtful time spent together. A total of 57 folks participated either on Zoom or in-person for this hybrid event. The event was recorded, and is available for download here.


John Dorhauer’s book, Beyond Resistance: The Institutional Church Meets the Postmodern World, has proven to be of great interest to our Presbytery and congregations, and has provided thoughtful discussions, energy, and language for approaching what Church can mean today, and in the future. As a follow-up, the Presbytery’s Tools and Training Working Group will be gifting the book to every church within the Presbytery that has not had someone participating in either the November event, nor any of the three preceding book studies–those church names have been gathered, and will soon be receiving this free resource.


All of the recipients, as well as book study and author talk participants, and their church’s leadership and congregants are encouraged to read and work with this book. Its concepts and questions are common ground for most of us and may provide a point of reference as well as a prompt for meaningful conversations.


Additional resources on this topic from John Dorhauser.