Youth & Family Ministry Coordinator


This person will have a vital role in creating and implementing a new ministry at PCG. This ministry will provide opportunities youth and our families with children to grow in knowledge and practice of faith, as well as deepening community connections, both for the existing membership and Geneva as a whole. Our church is committed to full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons, and those of diverse ethnic, racial, economic and other identities or backgrounds.



  • Develop or access curriculum, offer primary leadership, supervise volunteers, and communicate with participants and broader community for:
    • shared education opportunities for families with children/youth.
    • Youth (7th-12th Grade) Christian Education and Fellowship programs.
  • Cooperate with Christian Education Committee to support Sunday School program. Prepare curriculum (provided) materials for volunteer teachers.
  • Coordinate with other staff and ministries for facility use and seasonably appropriate programming.
  • Attend Staff/Session meetings as requested.
  • Other duties as required.


Total Annual Hours: 740 (This is an eleven (11) month position with the expectation that the one (1) month off will be during the summer season)


Youth and Family Ministry (10/wk)  = 480

Sunday School Supervision (5/wk)  = 200

*Flex =  60

*(Leading special programs such as mission trips or retreats)



  • 1 week’s paid vacation.
  • Paid sick time calculated per NYS mandate.


Compensation:          $15,000-$18,000 commensurate with experience

($20.27-$24.32 per hour)



  • Highly motivated to partner with pastor and other leaders in creating a new program.
  • Excellent communication skills, both in-person and electronic. This includes familiarity with email, texting, and social media.
  • Administratively organized.
  • To align with our youth and children’s protection policy, we require that the individual be a minimum of 5 years older than our oldest youth participant (up to Senior in High School).
  • Person of active Christian faith practice.
  • Experience with leading/supervising youth and children.
  • Experience with leading educational programs.
  • Associates or Batchelor’s degree preferred but not required.
  • Successfully clear a criminal background check.
  • Flexibility and willingness to serve on a team.


Accountability: This position is accountable to the Head of Staff and Session.