There were 110 in attendance at this Zoom meeting. Prior to the meeting, presbyters were invited to attend meetings for conversation about the proposed Sexual Misconduct Prevention Policy and the final Rochester Korean Church Administrative Commission Report.


Highlights of the meeting include:

    • Presentation and approval of the final report of the Rochester Korean Presbyterian Church Administrative Commission—the congregation will dissolve as of October 31, 2023 and going forward the congregation and Rochester Korean United Methodist Church will join together in worship and fellowship
    • Celebration of the call of Rev. Tedd Pullano as associate pastor by Third Presbyterian Church and the commissioning of Whitney Scoville as commissioned pastor of Ogden Presbyterian Church
    • Approval of policy revisions and creation—policies found here
        • Background Check Policy
        • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Policy and resources—procedures and behavioral covenant
        • Personnel Policy
        • Financial, Investment and Funding Policy
        • Website Policy
        • Presbytery Meeting Policy
    • Presentation of the 2023 Collaborative Ministry Grants, Congregational Vitality Grants and Peacemaking Grants
    • Election and installation of Rev. Aaron Neff as Moderator and Elder Mindy Shaffer as Moderator-Elect