“My peace I leave with you” are Jesus’ words to us as he was soon leaving the disciples. Peace is mentioned over 400 times in the Bible. While a cornerstone of our faith, we have a hard time finding peace at times.


Why am I telling you this?


There is an opportunity available to a congregation or neighborhood in the Presbytery of Genesee Valley because the International Peacemakers are coming to our area in September-October this year. International Peacemakers are persons from all over the world that the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program welcome to the United States. They are ready to share their experiences, wisdom, courage, persistence, joy and hope. The peacemakers are in an area for about one week.


While a wonderful opportunity, there is hospitality work to be done. These peacemakers come ready to share their stories, but events need to be planned and organized. Among other things they will: need a place to stay & travel logistics. Visiting an iconic NYS site such as Niagara Falls or Letchworth Park is also important.


Prayerfully consider this opportunity. The Tools and Training team is available for consultation and to answer questions that you may have. Tools and Training is willing to help cover the $475 fee. The Presbyterian Peacemaking site is a great resource for learning more about the program.  Visit this webpage.


Also note that choosing Peacemakers is on a first come, first served basis so signing up for the Peacemaker that inspires ASAP is important. The deadline for registering is June 1, 2023.


Peace and Blessings to you as you consider this opportunity.


Mindy Shaffer

Tools and Training team



2023 International Peacemakers:

      • Cuba – Alison Infante Zamora
      • El Salvador – Ingrid Rubí Amaya de Posada (accompanied by interpreter)
      • Greece – Efi Latsoudi
      • Indonesia – Angie Wuysang
      • Liberia – Matilda Parker
      • Nigeria – Peter Michael Egwudah
      • Palestine – Amira Barham
      • Poland – TBD
      • South Sudan – Peter Yien
      • Ukraine – Yuriy Lifanse (accompanied by interpreter)


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