Lagom Landing, one of the Presbytery’s designated ministries, is now Respite & Restoration at Lagom Landing. Formerly serving young adults in a community to foster discernment, learn skills, and gain a better understanding of God, the reimaged vision now aims at giving people rest and renewal in their lives.


In its new iteration, Lagom Landing offers a place where individuals and small groups can come for custom-crafted overnight experiences. The process begins with careful listening to the needs and preferences of the individual and/or group and creating a unique experience built around such activities as spending time in the peace and quiet of nature, learning more about maple syrup making, carpentry, the Enneagram, cooking, and starting seeds for a garden. The official launch of the programming takes place this summer, but founders and directors Laurel Nelson and Rock Castor have already started taking reservations for 2-8 day “experimental” stays in which participants will help shape the future of the ministry by experiencing this new design and providing feedback.


To take advantage of the “experimental stays” or to schedule a summer get away, start the conversation by contacting Laurel Nelson at or 585-727-1687.