The successful candidate must be an ordained Ruling Elder or Teaching Elder, will perform various administrative tasks, and be responsible for ensuring the records, roles, reports, and correspondence of the Presbytery are maintained. Serving as the Presbytery’s parliamentarian, she or he must have an understanding of Presbyterian polity and be knowledgeable of the Presbyterian Church Book of Order and Robert’s Rules of Order. The successful candidate will be a multitasker and a team player as a member of the Presbytery staff and will work closely with the General Presbyter.


Term of Office:

Elected and installed. Must be either a Ruling Elder or Teaching Elder in the PC(USA). 3-Year Term, Re-electable. Nomination shall be made by the Nominating Committee in cooperation with the Administrative Committee’s Personnel Sub-Committee. There is no inferred obligation to reelect an incumbent Stated Clerk.  Termination of the Stated Clerk during his/her term shall be in accordance with the personnel policies of the Presbytery.



As an officer of the Presbytery, the Stated Clerk shall be accountable to the Presbytery for the responsibilities assigned by the Book of Order. As a staff member of the Presbytery, the Stated Clerk shall be accountable to the Administrative Committee’s Personnel Sub-Committee and work in cooperation with other Presbytery leaders and staff. Participates in an annual performance review by the Personnel Sub-Committee.


Compensation: $5,600/year based on 20 hours per month.


Essential Functions:

  1. Serve as the parliamentarian for the Presbytery, following the Book of Order and Robert’s Rules.
  2. The Stated Clerk shall perform the duties designated in G-3.0104 & G-3.0110 and is responsible for ensuring the records, roles, reports, and correspondence of the Presbytery are maintained; [Can be assisted by the Assistant Stated Clerk and the Administrative Assistant] Specifically:
    • Responsible for making sure that a record is kept of all minutes and papers of the Presbytery, including the minutes of all stated Presbytery meetings and the Coordinating Committee/Commission. Provide for circulation and review according to specified time frames.
    • Responsible for making sure an accurate attendance record at presbytery meetings is kept.
    • Along with the Administrative Assistant, responsible for composing accurate rolls of Teaching Elders, Commissioned Pastors, clerks of sessions, presbytery infrastructure committees, and all other persons under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery.
    • Compile all reports required by the Synod and the General Assembly. Prepare an annual Necrology report of Teaching and Ruling Elders.
    • Report actions of Presbytery to various entities, including the transfer of pastors into and out of the Presbytery, the current Corporation officers, votes on General Assembly overtures, and the election of Synod and General Assembly commissioners. Maintain lists of ministerial changes in preparation for annual reports.
    • Provide churches with Annual Statistical report information and follow up with Clerks of Session to insure submission before the deadline.
    • Preserve presbytery historical records and encourage all churches to use the services of the Presbyterian Historical Society as needed.
    • Forward upon receipt all communications from other governing bodies to the chairperson of the committee of the Presbytery having specific responsibility for action, and report having done so in the Stated Clerk’s report each meeting of the presbytery.
    • Serve as the Secretary of the Corporation as required by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  1. Along with the General Presbyter and Moderator, compose an agenda for all stated and called Presbytery meetings and meetings of the Coordinating Committee/Commission. Is an ex-officio advisor for all Presbytery committees.
  2. Arrange for host churches for all stated Presbytery meetings and meetings of the Coordinating Committee/Commission. Sends notes of appreciation to these host churches afterwards.
  3. Provide a written summary of stated and called Presbytery meetings (“Presbytery Highlights”) for use by churches within one week of meetings.
  4. Perform duties assigned to the Stated Clerk in the Rules of Discipline and in the Presbytery Manual. Provide for training of Investigative Committees and Permanent Judicial Commissions. Serve as the primary resource person for the Committee on Representation.
  5. Nurture a learning community for Clerks of Session, providing training for new Clerks of Session and continuing education for experienced Clerks of Session.
  6. Provide a template and facilitate an annual review of each congregation’s session minutes.
  7. Provide direct assistance on matters of polity to clerks and moderators of sessions.
  8. Along with the Administrative Assistant, assist the Coordinating Committee/Commission in updating and making changes to the Presbytery Manual of Operations.
  9. Along with the General Presbyter, attend and advise the Committee/Commission on Ministry (COM) and other presbytery committees as requested.
  10. Participate in meetings and groups, specifically:
    • Monthly Staff meetings
    • Ex Officio Staff, along with the General Presbyter, for Coordinating Committee/Commission.
    • Primary Ex Officio Staff for the presentation and review of Overtures and Amendments coming from the General Assembly.
    • Attend General Assembly, the Annual Polity Conference, Annual Synod Review of Presbytery minutes, and the meetings of the Association of Stated Clerks as able or requested by the Presbytery.
    • Attend other gatherings, meetings, and conferences as appropriate and available.


Core Competencies:

  • Professional Conduct – Treats others with respect and dignity; demonstrates Lake Erie Presbytery’s mission and values; possesses knowledge of the Presbytery’s services and programs; maintains a positive attitude in the workplace.
  • Personal Management – Fosters an environment that “puts people first”; maintains composure in stressful situations; manages time and maximizes own productivity; conducts work activities in a fiscally responsible manner and cooperates with others, including co-workers, pastors, presbytery members, and the greater church.
  • Day-to-day Operations – Meets deadlines; submits paperwork in a timely fashion; ensures accurate documentation and work results; adapts to unexpected events and circumstances; protects confidentiality; demonstrates organizational and prioritization abilities; demonstrates a commitment to excellence through quality improvement.
  • Communication – Provides meaningful oral and written communications in a respectful manner; relates to others with respect; demonstrates compassion and sensitivity; fosters cooperation and contributes to a climate of trust in the workplace; maintains professional interactions with coworkers.
  • Relational Expertise and Teamwork – Values diversity; exhibits respect and dignity when working with others; provides real-time and regular feedback, establishes and communicates expectations; cooperatively and constructively resolves problems and disputes; works to build own strengths and supports others in their development; exercises patience and acceptance of others; recognizes the contribution of others.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Adequate self-care to manage the position within stated time constraints, and advise on whether the time expectations are realistic.
  • Strong interpersonal and administrative skills
  • Excellent written communicator
  • Excellent public presenter
  • Technologically Savvy – able to operate in a fast-paced communication environment with facility with email, web-based discussion forums, and online learning platforms. Facility or willing to learn social media communication methods.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, basic competencies in Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.
  • Commitment to professional development and learning.
  • Cheerful flexibility to handle the changing needs of the Presbytery.
  • Demonstrated initiative as a self-starter, sound judgment and decision-making ability.
  • Impartial as to outcomes – concentrating on process, particularly at the Presbytery meetings
  • Maintains Confidentiality
  • Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of the current Book of Order, rulings and interpretations by the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC), and Authoritative Guidance statements from the General Assembly. If training is needed in these subjects, demonstrates competence by the end of the first year.
  • Commitment to collaboration and partnership with the General Presbyter and leadership team.
  • Commitment to the polity and process of the Presbyterian Church (USA).


To be considered, submit a letter of interest and a resume with references to Rev. Emily Zeig Lindsey at [email protected].

The deadline to apply is March 6.


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